Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday night

Wednesday was a snow day, and I sewed a lot. Went to bed feeling fine, woke up and hour later feeling just awful! Some kind of stomach virus- I was up most of the night, and of course couldn't go to work Thursday. I already had a doctor appt for Thursday night, and I wasn't sure if I was well enough to go to the doctor!

She thinks there are two issues- the possible gall bladder issue, and a viral syndrome. She wrote me out of work for Thursday and Friday, and said to stick to the BRAT diet to rest my belly.

Last night I started to feel almost human, and managed to stay upright long enough to take a shower. Today I think I will live after all! I haven't been that sick in a long while. We were supposed to go to Zach's birthday party tonight, but decided to keep my germs home. I know that made the family happy!

So I have to schedule an ultrasound for the gall bladder. And I don't know what kind of wreck my office will be, since I haven't been there since last Monday! I'm sure I'll have piles of paper in my mailbox to deal with.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

We have snow! Not all that much, but it's the ice that's the reason most of the schools are closed today. I know I'll regret it in June, but for today it's wonderful. The newspaper guy got stuck on the hill in front of our house, and Ralph had to push him up with the truck at 0530, then Ralph went to work.

Steph was able to get up the hill at 0830, to get to her doctor's appt. She has a sinus infection going into bronchitis, so I'm glad she was able to get there. She made me an appointment for tomorrow night. My friend Barbara has diagnosed me with gall bladder issues, so we'll see if the doc agrees. If I need it removed, I want it to be planned and not emergent and in the middle of the night!

The workshop yesterday was interesting, but went on too long. I was surprised that there was about 200 people there! It was very well organized, and we had a really nice lunch and continental breakfast.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

View from the mountain

This is the view from the top of Stone Mountain- the winery's deck is in the left corner, and right over the hill is the vineyard. There are huge rocks all over the mountain.

Sunday morning

It's sunny and a chilly 27 degrees out. A heatwave after last weekends 11 degrees. Yesterday I was a total slug- only went out of the house to take the dog out and get the mail. Toast and I napped and bummed. I did get ambitious later and made chicken enchiladas for dinner, with enough for tonight also. And I made the 4 couch pillow covers that Manda picked out the fabric for. They can go in the mail to her this week. That used up 3 yards of fabric.

This week I have an inservice to go to on Tuesday. It's "Addictions and Pregnancy" and is held in a nice resturant about 3 miles from me. It's 5 CEU's, which I need, they feed us lunch, and it was cheap- $35. My friend Roseanne is also going, and I'm hoping it'll be interesting. Then on Wednesday the kids have a half day and the staff has an afternoon inservice. So the week will be broken up.

TV is pretty good. I tape things for my brother that he can't get, and Burn Notice, Big Love and the Closer are all having new episodes.

January birthdays- Lou, Jay, Jim, Zach, Linda B, Janet V. Happy Birthday to all!

Sunday things to be happy about:
Heather and Ed love their new home and state.
We haven't had any amount of snow (yet).
My new carpet looks so nice!


Weekly Totals

Fabric bought this week: 0
Fabric bought this year- 9 yards

Fabric used this week- 3 yards
Fabric used this year 6 1/2 yards

Books bought this week- 1
Books bought this year- 8

My books read this week- 2
My books read this year-3


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our NC trip

So I've already described the Stony Mountain Winery that we went to on Saturday afternoon. Saturday night Heather, Ed and Steph went out to a sports bar. They had a good time and all came home reeking of smoke- they said 90% of the people there were smoking, which is weird to us. Cigarettes are like $2.50 per pack there, which may be part of why so many smoke. Or maybe they're just uniformed about the health risks?

Sunday we all went out in Ed's truck. We went to see the Christmas tree farm, and rode up to the top of Morrow Mountain. Gorgeous views, even tho it was cloudy. I couldn't drive up it- the road is one lane, and it's up a mountain! I don't do heights well, so I looked straight ahead. Then we rode thru part of the Uhwarrie Forest, which has a lot of trails. We saw some deer, who were used to having the right of way! It was pretty in the winter, and will be gorgeous in the summer. After our journey, Heather made us a wonderful chicken dinner.

Monday Heather, Julie, Steph and I went off to explore Albemarle. You say "shopping" to Julie and she runs for her shoes! Say shopping to Eddie, and he runs the other way! He stayed home with Ed to do manly things like ride the 4 wheeler.

We went to a neat store that sells local crafts. The owner was very informative and very talkative. We bought some local lotion bars and pottery, and the owner recommended a luncheonette called the Rosebriar, so we headed off to there for lunch. Then we did some more exploring.

Ed made dinner that night- he loves to cook and is very good at it. He made pasta with a sauce of tomatoes, peppers, garlic. We had ceaser salad with it, and Heather made a pound cake for dessert. She and Steph had strawberry wine drizzled over it.

We kept hearing about all the snow we were due for- not a good sign, since we were leaving Tuesday. Tuesday we got up to 4 inches of snow. The TV station was showing snow horror stories, and going back and forth with the inauguration. Ed took the truck out and said he'd get us to the airport with no problem, and he was right. Once we were off the mountain and thru the town, there was barely any snow. We got to the airport with an hour to spare.

It was a really nice trip, other than the prolonged flying part. Ordinarily, I think going thru DC as a layover is an option, but now that weekend. By the time you do the airport and flying stuff, it'll be almost as fast to drive. I won't get down there again until summer probably, and then I will drive. Steph and Manda are planning to meet in NC, either right before Easter or over Memorial day.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's good to be home.

This is Heather and Ed's house in the snow. You can kind of see how the driveway slopes up. Going to their house, you are literally going up a mountain! Stone Mountain is the name, and it's not huge as mountains go, but it's sure high enough for me! This was taken Tuesday morning, when we were still deciding if we could get down off the mountain to go to the airport.

Ed drove the truck around the street, and said he could get us out with no problem, so off we went. Once we got down the mountain and thru the town, there was barely any snow, and we got to Charlotte airport with time to spare.

Our flight was late leaving Charlotte, because the flight coming in was late. So when we got into Boston, that flight was loading. Luckily we only had to go 2 gates away. You'd really think the crew would make an announcement and let the people with connecting flights off first, but that doesn't happen.

It was just starting to snow in Boston, so the wings had to be de-iced, but we got underway only about 15 minutes late. It was so nice to land in Philly, but again we were at the gate as far away from the main concourse as you can get.

Even though you just sit, interrupted by running from gate to gate, traveling is exhausting. I sure don't want to ever do it for a living!

I know I didn't write about what we did in NC- that'll be tomorrow's post. I wanted to get the picture up.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quick post on Tuesday night

Yay- we're home! I'm exhausted, and have to work tomorrow. I'll post about our trip tomorrow night.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Live from North Carolina! It's Saturday Night!

Here I am in Albemarle, NC! We left this morning from Philly, where it was 11 degrees. Our flight to Laguardia was delayed, because the flight coming in from Williamsport Pa was late due to ice issues. It was a small- maybe 20 people-plane, and it never went as high as the big planes do- we could still see ground. It's a half hour to LaGuardia, where it was 5 degrees! We had to go down steps out of the plane, cross the tarmac, go up some steep steps to the terminal, and walk from gate 2 to gate 15, which was a hike! By the time we hit the restroom and go to the gate, they were boarding.

A nice flight to Charlotte, and we actually got in early. Charlotte airport is more like AC than Philly, but about 10 times bigger than AC. Heather and the kids picked us up, and it took about an hour to get to her house.

We had some lunch, then Heather wanted to go to a winery that's only about a mile from her house, but further up the mountain and down a really bumpy road. It was really nice, like a rustic cabin, with views for miles of state parks and lakes. We could see the vines, and deer feeding. I don't do wine- I get an instant headache. Heather and Steph tried 5 wines and bought 2 bottles.

We got back here and hung out for a while, then Heather, Ed and Steph went to a resturant/club in town, and Julie went to bed. Eddie is watching TV, and I've got the computer! And tomorrow it's supposed to be 50!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday afternoon

Wow, the more I read about the plane crash into the Hudson, the scarier it is! That pilot and co-pilot should get medals! Ralph had O'Reilly on last night, and they were talking about how some low-life lawyer is sure to try to bring a lawsuit, and how if so, they'll plaster the lawyers name on the show. Good for them!

I have to pack, which won't take long. We leave Philly around 9 tomorrow morning, which means we have to leave here by 7 a.m. or so. Steph is coming here right from work today, and Kate is taking us to the airport.

Since I won't be here on Sunday to post my fabric and book report, I'll do it now:

Fabric bought this week 9 yards
Fabric bought this year 9 yards

Fabric used this week 1/2 yard
Fabric used this year 3 1/2 yards

Books bought this week 0
Books bought this year 7

My books read this week 0
My books read this year 1

I feel considerably better today, not wonderful but better. Of course my friend Barbara had to bring up that her gall bladder issues started with bouts of nausea. And pain between the shoulder blades is a sign. I didn't have real pain, just kind of pressure. I'll mention it to my doctor next month, and see if she wants to order an ultrasound. Like Ralph says, I'm truly falling apart.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sick Day

I had to take a sick day today, because I felt so lousy this morning. I hate to waste a sick day on being sick! I went back to bed at 0700, slept til 1 p.m., back to bed at 2, and slept til 5.30. Wasted the whole entire day! I went out to take Toast out twice, and it's so cold out- in the mid 20's.

I hate calling out. It always makes me feel guilty, even when I'm really sick. I think all workplaces should go to PTO instead of sick time.

The first time I woke up after calling out, it was snowing! Then it stopped, and started again. I doubt that we even got a 1/4 inch, but it was pretty.

Then Mom called to tell me that it was on the news that a US Air flight leaving LaGuardia sucked up a goose and had to land in the river! People were being evacuated off the wings! Since that's the way we're flying on Saturday, not what I want to hear about!

So when I think of things to be happy about, I guess now I have to add that none of the flights I've taken have ever sucked up a goose!

And the beat goes on.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It was so cold this morning- low 20's- and it's going to get worse. The mid 20's is going to be the high temp for the next few days! And a chance of snow and/or ice late tonight.

Monday night I put the binding on a two color big wallhanging that's been made and quilted for a year. We have to figure out how we're hanging it, and I have to name it, and then I'll get some pix.

Toast is staying with us this week, and she and the cat have issues. Toast wants to sleep under the covers, and the cat wants to walk on her. Usually at 0300. Yesterday I was so tired that I came home and slept for 2 hours or so.

Today I stopped at Joann's fabrics on the way home from work. I managed to not buy any clearance Christmas fabric! The whole calico wall is on sale for 50% off. I restrained myself, and only got some pink for pillowcases for Steph, and two shades of blue and some white for split rail blocks for around a Father Xmas panel that I want to do. I got 9 yards for fabric for $20!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

You can't get there from here!

Steph and I are going to NC next weekend to visit Heather, Ed and the kids. Originally Ralph and I were going, and he put in for the time off. Unfortunately, he put in for the days in February, not January. No comment. (Well, actually I had quite a bit to say.)

We were going to drive, but the best way to go is down Rt 95, and we'll be returning on Inauguration Day. So we decided to fly. After all, it's only an hour flight. Yeah, about that...

There are no flights to Charlotte from Atlantic City Airport. Philly has flights. A direct flight is $800. There are flights with layovers- we had our choice of Detroit, NY, Boston, or DC. DC is out, for the reasons that Rt 95 is out. Detroit- no, I don't want to go to Detroit in January, thank you. NY is $30 more than Detroit, but you save 2 hours. So on the way down, we fly to LaGuardia, layover, change planes and fly past Philly to Charlotte. On the way back, we fly past Philly to Boston (where hopefully it's not snowing) and then back to Philly. I wonder what rationale was used to make up these flight plans.

So the one hour flight is now 1/2 hour to the airport, and of course we should be there at least 1.5 hours before the flight. Fly to NY, etc. So we're leaving here about 7 a.m. and getting to Charlotte about 1. If we were driving we could be there by 3!

But we're eager to see the new house, and the town, and Eddie and Julianna, as well as Heather and Ed. And I really wish Ralph was going, but it's his choice not to fly, and there's nothing I can do about that. So Steph and I will go, and we'll have a great time.


Sunday Afternoon

Steph's quilt is done, quilted, bound, labelled and named! It's name is "Spring Fling in the Great NorthEast" and I'm quite pleased with it. I did a big meander, with a lot of freehand hearts, and quilted her name into it several times. I took it to the meeting of South Jersey Longarmer as show and tell.

I always learn something at the longarmers meeting. Most of them have been doing it for awhile, are happy to share tips and stories. I know I never want to do it as a business- I hate deadlines, and if I make a mistake on a family quilt, no one knows but me.

Last night Ralph, Steph and I went out to dinner to Abondonza, which is one of our favorite places. We all brought home enough leftovers for at least 2 more meals!

Fabric report for the week:

Fabric bought this week- 0
Fabric bought this year- 0

Fabric used this week- 3 yards
Fabric used this year- 3 yards.

And the book report:
Books bought this week- 4
Books bought this year-7

Books read this week-0
Books read this year-1

Steph's decided she'd rather have shams than pillowcases. She'll use white pillowcases and the patterned shams. That will look pretty, and use more of the stash!

Things to be happy about:
It didn't snow after all!
Having Steph and Toast home for the weekend.
Steph and I are going to go to NC next weekend!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Steph's Quilt

This quilt is for Steph's new apartment. I've been promising to quilt it for her since May, and I finally put it up on the HQ16 today. It's all ready to go, and hopefully I'll start the quilting tomorrow.

I also have a lot of the border fabric left, and she pulled that for pillowcases. Red floral pillowcases may be a bit much- maybe pink with red borders? For the quilting I'm thinking freehand loops and hearts- curves to soften up the straight lines of the quilt. The backing is a dark green Robyn Pandolph print, and I'll bind it in the red floral. I have to come up with a name for it.

We went back to work yesterday, and were off today for Three King's Day. I got my oil changed, went to the library to pick up the bag of books Steph requested, loaded the quilt and took a nap in the chair with the cat. Snow showers were predicted, but all we got was some rain- which is fine!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Manda's Couch Quilts

The Wind Cries and Purple Haze are two quilts I made for Manda's couch. In the pic of The Wind Cries, the lump is the cat, who insisted on helping.

These quilts were quick and easy. I'd bought some McKenna Ryan fabric in Lancaster, and Manda claimed it. I took the fabrics to Quilted Treasures, and we had half the shop on the table matching other fabrics to them.

The Wind Cries went to Manda over the summer, and Purple Haze just went home with her on Friday. You can see by the dates on the pix how long ago I made them- it just took a while to get around to quilting them.


First Sunday of 2009!

Judy does a Stashbusting Report every Sunday on her blog, and I think I'll give it a try.

Fabric bought this week- O yards
Fabric bought this year- O yards

Fabric Used this week- O yards
Fabric Used this year- O yards

That was easy!

I'm going to expand it to books bought and read. In 2008, I read 127 books, but only 37 of them were books I owned, that I could then get rid of. Amazon is a dangerous place! My goal is to read 50 of my own books (paperbacks) and then give them away. This refers to paperbacks, not cookbooks or quilting books.

Books bought this week- 3
Books bought this year- 3

Books read this week- 1
Books read this year- 1.

So look for me to bore everyone with my stashbusting and books read reports every week! Right now I've discovered Sherryl Woods. I requested most of hers from the library, but had to fill in from amazon. Luckily, I bought them in 2008, so they don't go in the report of bought books!

It's so quiet here- Ralph is at work, and the kids have all gone home to their own states. I talked to Manda yesterday- Kitten was so happy that they were home, and Manda wanted the recipe for the crockpot beef soup/stew.

Well, that picture was supposed to be here, not at the top of the post. Here, I thought I was getting better at posting pix, as long as they're in "my documents." Anyway, that's Manda and Ben last summer.

Things to be happy about:
The sky is blue, and we still have no snow!
I'm reading a good book. (not that I read bad ones- if it's not good, I return it to the library)
The laundry is all done (for the moment, anyway)


Saturday, January 3, 2009

My great nephews and nieces

Since I'm doing well posting pix, here's one of Sharon and Kevin's children. From left, Connor, Justin, Tori holding Mackenzie, Nadia, and Zach. Tori and Nadia are Kevin's daughters, the others are Sharon's kids. Aren't they a good looking bunch?

Funny looking reindeer!

This was taken the day we did Christmas. Steph is holding Julie, Heather is in the middle, and Manda on the right. Eddie is in front, and that's my Mom in the background. Julie was really tired, and didn't want to be a reindeer. It was also Heather's 34th birthday!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

The house is quiet again. Ben and Manda are in transit from Philly to Houston, and Steph and Toast are back at their apartment. After having them all here for a week, it seems so empty here! It was so wonderful having them all home to celebrate Christmas and New Year's, but I know they all have to return to their real lives.

Heather, Ed and the kids were here for an even shorter time. Even tho we didn't see them all that often when they lived in NJ, it seems like they're so far away. So far the move seems to be good for them.

I got the sewing room pretty much changed back from it's guest room status back to sewing room. Manda put in an order for a pair of jeans to be fixed, and 4 large couch pillows, and she pulled fabric for the pillows. Steph needs the straps shortened on two tank tops, and they're marked. I have a gorgeous wallhanging that justs needs a binding, so that'll be next on the list.

I'm starting the year with a couple of Un-Finished Objects. The gingerbread Christmas-y quilt, Orange Crush, Crossed Canoes, and a paper pieced NY Beauty Wallhanging which isn't actually started. I have a paperpieced star top wallhanging done that I can't do justice to, so a longarmer is going to quilt it for me.

I also have several tops that need to be quilted on the HQ16. The most urgent is Steph's quilt for her apartment.

I have a granny square baby afghan in progress that will be donated to the home ec teacher at work. She gives them to Dooley House in Camden.

I'm not making any sweeping New Year's Resolutions, because they never get followed thru with. I have two mini resolutions- to put a counter on this blog (done- it's all the way at the bottom) and to get better and more comfortable with posting pictures to the blog and to the HGTV message boards.

Things to be happy about in 2009:
Ralph's continued good health.
Our daughters and their families, human and fuzzy.
Our Moms, brothers and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews.
We both have stable jobs.