Sunday, June 11, 2017


So here we are, it's June! Next week I'll be retired for a year- that sure flew by!
Winter Moon is coming along. I messed up a row on the bottom right, and had to rip out about 40 stitches, or the whole thing would have been off. 
And Sly is continuing to be a lap cat! He comes and paces til I put everything down and he jumps up. If I stop petting him, he nibbles on my arm! He's too funny.

We have a diner that we really like for lunch. They always have a quiche special- quiche, salad and soup for $9. This was quiche lorraine. Ralph got a western omelet sandwich and scrapple. 

My permanent tags came in, and I love them! J is for Julianna, 23 was our first street address, and who wouldn't love HUG!

A little over 3 months til our cruise! We make the final payment next week. I have to get on and look at excursions. Boston, Bar Harbor, Portland, Halifax, and one more port. A great fall itinerary! And Anthem is supposed to be an awesome ship. 

We've had a cooler than normal spring, which ended yesterday with temps in the high 80's. 90's for the next 3 days, so the AC went on this morning. 

We tried to see Wonder Woman last week, and it was sold out except for the first row- at noon on a weekday! So we'll go this week. 
Eddie graduates middle school this week- how amazing is that!

Life is good!