Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

We have snow! Not all that much, but it's the ice that's the reason most of the schools are closed today. I know I'll regret it in June, but for today it's wonderful. The newspaper guy got stuck on the hill in front of our house, and Ralph had to push him up with the truck at 0530, then Ralph went to work.

Steph was able to get up the hill at 0830, to get to her doctor's appt. She has a sinus infection going into bronchitis, so I'm glad she was able to get there. She made me an appointment for tomorrow night. My friend Barbara has diagnosed me with gall bladder issues, so we'll see if the doc agrees. If I need it removed, I want it to be planned and not emergent and in the middle of the night!

The workshop yesterday was interesting, but went on too long. I was surprised that there was about 200 people there! It was very well organized, and we had a really nice lunch and continental breakfast.


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