Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday night

Wednesday was a snow day, and I sewed a lot. Went to bed feeling fine, woke up and hour later feeling just awful! Some kind of stomach virus- I was up most of the night, and of course couldn't go to work Thursday. I already had a doctor appt for Thursday night, and I wasn't sure if I was well enough to go to the doctor!

She thinks there are two issues- the possible gall bladder issue, and a viral syndrome. She wrote me out of work for Thursday and Friday, and said to stick to the BRAT diet to rest my belly.

Last night I started to feel almost human, and managed to stay upright long enough to take a shower. Today I think I will live after all! I haven't been that sick in a long while. We were supposed to go to Zach's birthday party tonight, but decided to keep my germs home. I know that made the family happy!

So I have to schedule an ultrasound for the gall bladder. And I don't know what kind of wreck my office will be, since I haven't been there since last Monday! I'm sure I'll have piles of paper in my mailbox to deal with.


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gaylemckay said...

Glad youre feeling better Holly. and if it IS gallbladder and you have it out, you will be surprised at how well you feel immediately. If they take it out using a laparoscope, recovery is very fast.

Good luck!