Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another school year ending! Finally!

The kids got done Friday, and staff has to go in tomorrow. June was such a long month, and knowing that our district is the last to get out doesn't help. But the end is in sight!

And Ralph is home! He went off on Amtrak to visit Manda and Ben- 6 days total travel time, 8 days visiting. He worked thru and completed their entire to do list! The cats and I really missed him. They're used to having him around during the day, and I'm used to him being here at night. 

We just turned the AC back on- it got to 80 in the house, and the humidity is awful. While Ralph was gone, all it did was rain and rain! 

Aetna and Kennedy Health haven't made nice yet, so no new left knee for me. The right one will be a year old this week- that went fast. 

July 12 I leave for WA! But I'm going the sensible way, via a 5 hour direct flight. I'll just have to suck it up and pee on the plane. I'll be there til the end of July, and the day after I leave, Polly and Randy arrive. Baby Girl is due July 15, and the docs don't let anyone go more than a week past due date. I'm not a happy flier, but the train would turn me into a raving lunatic. 

I just finished the baby cocoon, and I'm working on the matching hat. I've also read a lot this month-15 books already! 

I'm planning my next WA trips. In November we have 5 days off for convention, and I'm heading out. Heather and the kids may go with me. The day after Christmas Steph says she'll go with me, and she said she'll go over Easter break with me as well. She and Dan are also going over Labor Day. 

We were at Sharon and Jim's for Connor's and MacKenzie's birthday parties yesterday, so we got to visit with Frank and Charlotte. Steph and Dan came along, and were telling us about a 2 hour dinner cruise off Cape May, and Ralph said he'd be willing to try it! Yay! A good step in the direction of a cruise! 

And so it goes!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day- another Hallmark Holiday!

After a week of alternating rain/monsoons and nice days, the humidity is creeping up again. At least there is a nice breeze blowing. 

Last night Steph and I went to Julianna's dance recital. The classes of little kids were adorable, and the older classes were very talented. But it went on too long. Some groups did five or six dances- enough already! We were zoning out by the end, and of course the owner of the dance studio had to thank everyone and their uncle for their help. 

Afterward we went out for pizza, and happened to go to the place where a lot of the dancers and families went. Julianna was thrilled to be able to run around and play with her friends, and Steph and I got to visit with Ed and Heather. Steph and I left around midnight, and the party was still going strong. 

And today is Father's Day. I miss my Dad everyday. Fathers play such an important role in kid's lives- I think a lot of the problems with kids in poor urban areas is that they don't have the positive influence of a father. Unmarried moms do their best, but it's not always enough. 

To go off on a tangent, I really hate the term single mother. What's wrong with widow, divorcee, or unmarried mother? And baby mama is the absolute worst.

When my Dad died, I lost the only person in the whole world who thought I was perfect. Lots of people love me, but they recognize that I have flaws- lots of them. Dad never saw the flaws, he just saw his Punkin. 

Facebook is buzzing with Father's Day wishes this morning. My niece Juliette had the greatest post- she thanked her dad for being the man who taught her that she should be treated like the wonderful person she is. I've only met Juliette's dad a few times, but he must be one fantastic dad. 

My son in law Ed O'Flynn is a fantastic dad. His favorite thing is to spend time with Heather, Eddie and Julianna. My son in law Ben Briles will be a dad next month, when Baby Girl arrives. He will also be a hands on, attentive dad. He already reads to Baby Girl, thru Manda's belly! My nephews Kevin, Jim and Joe are all great dads too! Joe is new at it, since Joey is only almost 5 months old. 

So even tho it's a Hallmark Holiday, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Amanda's Birthday!

I can't believe Manda is 32, and will be a mom next month! When they were home for the baby shower, we were going thru pix of her. Ben wants a big bald smooshie baby like Manda was! Whatever Baby Girl looks like, she'll be adorable. Right now she's almost 35 weeks, and about 5 pounds! 

I sent Manda the absolute best birthday gift, and they retrieved the gift from the train this afternoon! She's thrilled with her gift, LOL. 

It was hot, then it was nice, then it was rainy, and now the heat is starting to creep up again- ick. 

I'm working on what was a secret project, but I told Manda about it. It's a baby cocoon, something that I never heard of til 2 weeks ago. Sorta like a baby sleep sack. It took me forever to get a hang of the pattern, but now it's moving right along. It might have a hat to go along with it. 

11 more school days til summer break. Not vacation, because vacations are paid and summer break is not. I'll go to Mill Creek right before Baby Girl is due. 

Jake's birthday is tomorrow. Even tho he says on facebook that he'll be 27, he'll really be 13. Every time I see the kid he's taller! 

And now it's bedtime!