Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sick Day

I had to take a sick day today, because I felt so lousy this morning. I hate to waste a sick day on being sick! I went back to bed at 0700, slept til 1 p.m., back to bed at 2, and slept til 5.30. Wasted the whole entire day! I went out to take Toast out twice, and it's so cold out- in the mid 20's.

I hate calling out. It always makes me feel guilty, even when I'm really sick. I think all workplaces should go to PTO instead of sick time.

The first time I woke up after calling out, it was snowing! Then it stopped, and started again. I doubt that we even got a 1/4 inch, but it was pretty.

Then Mom called to tell me that it was on the news that a US Air flight leaving LaGuardia sucked up a goose and had to land in the river! People were being evacuated off the wings! Since that's the way we're flying on Saturday, not what I want to hear about!

So when I think of things to be happy about, I guess now I have to add that none of the flights I've taken have ever sucked up a goose!

And the beat goes on.

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