Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Sunday of 2009!

Judy does a Stashbusting Report every Sunday on her blog, and I think I'll give it a try.

Fabric bought this week- O yards
Fabric bought this year- O yards

Fabric Used this week- O yards
Fabric Used this year- O yards

That was easy!

I'm going to expand it to books bought and read. In 2008, I read 127 books, but only 37 of them were books I owned, that I could then get rid of. Amazon is a dangerous place! My goal is to read 50 of my own books (paperbacks) and then give them away. This refers to paperbacks, not cookbooks or quilting books.

Books bought this week- 3
Books bought this year- 3

Books read this week- 1
Books read this year- 1.

So look for me to bore everyone with my stashbusting and books read reports every week! Right now I've discovered Sherryl Woods. I requested most of hers from the library, but had to fill in from amazon. Luckily, I bought them in 2008, so they don't go in the report of bought books!

It's so quiet here- Ralph is at work, and the kids have all gone home to their own states. I talked to Manda yesterday- Kitten was so happy that they were home, and Manda wanted the recipe for the crockpot beef soup/stew.

Well, that picture was supposed to be here, not at the top of the post. Here, I thought I was getting better at posting pix, as long as they're in "my documents." Anyway, that's Manda and Ben last summer.

Things to be happy about:
The sky is blue, and we still have no snow!
I'm reading a good book. (not that I read bad ones- if it's not good, I return it to the library)
The laundry is all done (for the moment, anyway)


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Manda said...

Good job on the counter! I always have trouble getting the pictures where I want them on here too. I usually put all the pictures I want in a post at once, and then copy and paste them around until they're in the right order, and then put my text around them. It seems to be easier to move the text around than the pictures.