Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday afternoon

Wow, the more I read about the plane crash into the Hudson, the scarier it is! That pilot and co-pilot should get medals! Ralph had O'Reilly on last night, and they were talking about how some low-life lawyer is sure to try to bring a lawsuit, and how if so, they'll plaster the lawyers name on the show. Good for them!

I have to pack, which won't take long. We leave Philly around 9 tomorrow morning, which means we have to leave here by 7 a.m. or so. Steph is coming here right from work today, and Kate is taking us to the airport.

Since I won't be here on Sunday to post my fabric and book report, I'll do it now:

Fabric bought this week 9 yards
Fabric bought this year 9 yards

Fabric used this week 1/2 yard
Fabric used this year 3 1/2 yards

Books bought this week 0
Books bought this year 7

My books read this week 0
My books read this year 1

I feel considerably better today, not wonderful but better. Of course my friend Barbara had to bring up that her gall bladder issues started with bouts of nausea. And pain between the shoulder blades is a sign. I didn't have real pain, just kind of pressure. I'll mention it to my doctor next month, and see if she wants to order an ultrasound. Like Ralph says, I'm truly falling apart.


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