Saturday, June 27, 2015

Terrible storm!

We had an awful storm Tuesday night. It had been so hot that we had an early dismissal from work, so I'd stopped for gas and went to the library on the way home. 

I was sitting crocheting and watching TV when Ralph told me I should get a flashlight, that there was a tornado warning. Just then the rain and wind started, and the power went out. The storm only lasted a little while, but it wreaked havoc over this end of the county and the next county.

The power ended up being out for 48 hours here! Frank and Charlotte are still out, going on 90 hours. There were so many trees down that I stayed home from work Wednesday. We had no cell service, so I had to go to Mom's and use her land line to call out. 

Thursday was the last day of school, so I went in, even tho the power was still out. Thanks to the generator, Ralph was able to keep our fridge and freezer, and our neighbor's fridge going. He didn't start it til the next morning, so we did lose some things from the fridge. We were so happy when the power came back on Thursday night! 

Our neighbor decided to get his own generator, and ended up ordering it online, I assume from amazon, because he couldn't get one locally. He got one the same size as ours, so we'll all be in good shape if the power goes out again. Knock wood, it won't!

Manda got my plane tickets for me- I'm going out the second week of August, and coming back August 31st. Hopefully Baby Boy will arrive a little early, or at least on his due date. 

I'm working on BB's afghan, and have a hat and diaper cover that I want to get going.  


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dinner with the nurses

The third Wednesday of every month is dinner with the nurses. We've been doing it for probably ten years now, and it's always fun. Jean is having chemo, so she was under the weather today, so it was Mary Ester, Lynn, Ralph and me. We were at a diner we're partial to. Ralph likes it because he can get snapper soup, and we almost always have leftovers.

Sunday night I felt lousy, and was up half the night, so I called out on Monday and slept half the day.

I'm still working my way thru the shows I have on the DVR. I have it down to 33% filled. 

Six more school days til the end of this school year!

And that's all that's going on!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

A busy weekend

Friday, school was dismissed at 1 p.m. because of the terrible heat. I was able to catch an hour nap. We left here at 4 pm, to go to Heather's. Ed and Eddie weren't going to that night's recital, so we rode with Heather and Julianna. Ed and Jeanne met us there. Julianna was in three dances, and did a terrific job! So terrific, that she got the award for most improved dancer for the year! The three year old class, as usual, stole the show. 

Saturday we went to Ed's parents for their yard sale. Ralph knew he was buying a trailer from Ed, so we took the truck. I also got a portacrib, a double stroller, and a high chair. Mike was there buying some things, so we visited with him. We ended up hanging out there visiting for a couple of hours. 

When we got home, I made the potato salad for today's barbecue at Charlotte and Frank's. It was a hit, as were the baked beans. Dave and Juliet were up for the weekend, so we got to visit with them. 

This morning, I spent over an hour cleaning the kitchen so that Sharon can clean the kitchen! I knew there was a table under there somewhere! 

So it's Sunday night, and 9 more school days left. My lunch is all packed. I got gas on the way home because we're supposed to have a few days of rain. 


Thursday, June 11, 2015


The humidity is back up. Walking outside today is like walking into a wet sponge, ick. It's about 90 out, and we have a few more days of this to look forward to. 

Tomorrow night is Julianna's dance recital. She's in 4 dances this year! She loves dance. 

Manda is 30 weeks, so Baby Boy is 75% cooked! 

I've got the DVR down to 34%! It was almost 90% at one point, I just caught up on Once Upon a Time, and now I'm watching Outlander. 11 more school days to go! 

Manda and Jake had birthdays this week. 

And that's all that's going on.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

June is here!

May seemed to go on forever! Last week was a busy week for us. Work, of course. Monday night we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner because they were doing a fundraiser for Wounded Warriors. Tuesday we drove 45 minutes for a retirement "dinner" for someone Ralph worked with in the ER. No dinner, just appetizers and a cash bar. Not even water on the tables. And 90% of the appetizers were fish or shellfish. So I had to eat when we got home. 

Ralph had a wonderful time visiting with his former co-workers. I was sitting for a few women who were recently retired or planning retirement, so I was in good company. 

Wednesday was relax night. Thursday was the District School Nurses retirement dinner. I don't usually go, but my close friend Barbara is retiring. It was at an Italian (this is Jersey, is there any other kind) restaurant. The supervisor did a Letterman type top 10 list of things Barbara will be happy to never hear again. #1 was "When is Holly retiring". People want my office with the window, and the small number of kids. Most of them don't realize the amount of time I spend doing special projects for my supervisor and Barbara. 

Ralph put together my first fabric cabinet, and we rearranged some things in the guest room, so I emptied several totes into the cabinet. It's going to look great when we're done. The second cabinet is here, he just has to put it together. 

And it's almost time to go to lunch!