Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's good to be home.

This is Heather and Ed's house in the snow. You can kind of see how the driveway slopes up. Going to their house, you are literally going up a mountain! Stone Mountain is the name, and it's not huge as mountains go, but it's sure high enough for me! This was taken Tuesday morning, when we were still deciding if we could get down off the mountain to go to the airport.

Ed drove the truck around the street, and said he could get us out with no problem, so off we went. Once we got down the mountain and thru the town, there was barely any snow, and we got to Charlotte airport with time to spare.

Our flight was late leaving Charlotte, because the flight coming in was late. So when we got into Boston, that flight was loading. Luckily we only had to go 2 gates away. You'd really think the crew would make an announcement and let the people with connecting flights off first, but that doesn't happen.

It was just starting to snow in Boston, so the wings had to be de-iced, but we got underway only about 15 minutes late. It was so nice to land in Philly, but again we were at the gate as far away from the main concourse as you can get.

Even though you just sit, interrupted by running from gate to gate, traveling is exhausting. I sure don't want to ever do it for a living!

I know I didn't write about what we did in NC- that'll be tomorrow's post. I wanted to get the picture up.


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