Sunday, November 1, 2015

Twice in one day!

It's been a busy day! We were to the grocery store, and Lamp Post Diner for breakfast.
 I had chipped beef on toast, which I haven't had for a while. So much that I brought home half.

The kids are growing! Garrett is not even 3 months old, and he's wearing 6 month sizes because he's so tall! Amary is drinking from the tervis cup that I sent Manda.


Wow- I lost October!

How can a month go by so quickly? It sure did, though. Work has been busy, busy, busy. I'm not buried in paperwork now, I can see daylight! Friday I spent most of the day teaching The Physics of Concussion to the science classes, with the help of my stuffed moose. 

Mom has been driving us all insane, and some days the drive is shorter than others. She's been wanting a new chair. Mike and Donna took her to probably 10 stores in the spring, and she couldn't find what she wants. The problem is that what she wants does not exist. She wants a recliner that doesn't recline- she only wants the footrest to rise, without the back reclining. She doesn't believe me when I tell her that if it's called a recliner, then it reclines. 

She needs surgery on her eye to prevent/stop macular degeneration. That will happen November 16. She's have to be head down for 5-7 days, and will have poor vision for 6 weeks after. So last week I took her to Komfort and Kare (I hate cutesy names) because she was sure they would have the chair she wanted. Their name should be Highway Robbers. So we went from there to Boscov's (her 3rd trip there) and she found a chair. It was delivered Friday, and within 2 minutes she hated it and said it wasn't the right chair. Mike took her back to Boscov's yesterday, established that it is the right chair, and set it up and locked it in position. And the salesman told her that what she wants does not exist. 

Amary's new thing is to scream when she's told no. From 3000 miles and a generation away, I find it extremely amusing. Garrett is already in 6 month size clothes, he's so tall. 

And it's November, and Ralph's trying to figure out how to upload my new pix from the phone to the computer.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Almost fall!

We've been back to school for 3 weeks. It's been so hot, you'd never think the first day of fall is this week.
I miss this little girl so much! She's watching My Little Pony in this pic. She doesn't get to watch much TV, and she really loves it. 
Oscar was never around kids, especially babies. When Garrett fusses, Oscar gets really upset, and looks at us, clearly expecting us to do something!

Right before I left them, Amary went and got her doll's boppy pillow, and sat down with it and wanted to hold Garrett. She looked so pleased with herself!

I've had a busy week- Wednesday was dinner with the nurses, Thursday was dinner with Rosanne, and Friday was dinner with Cookie Swap. By Friday night, I was so tired! 


Monday, September 7, 2015

Jet Lag got me good

I flew to SeaTac to be with Manda and Ben when this little guy was born. I got there at 11 pm on August 11. He was due August 18. August 12, which was Ben's birthday, Ben knocked on my bedroom door at 6 a.m. their time- Manda's water had broken! He called neighbor Sarah to come for Amary, and called Steph and Dan to start up. We got to the hospital at 6:55 a.m, the the baby arrived at 7:23 a.m.!
After a little discussion, Manda and Ben decided to name him Garrett Alexander. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 12 oz, only 2 oz less than big sister Amary weighed. 

The next morning, Amary waited for Mama and Dada to arrive home. We didn't tell her til we knew they were almost home with baby Garrett. 

Garrett wasn't impressed to be home! The first night, his crying kept waking Amary up, not to mention his tired parents. It took a bit before he'd sleep a 3 hour stretch between nursing. 

When he's awake, he's bright eyed and bushy tailed! I got to be there for almost the first three weeks of his life! It was so hard to leave, but I do have a life and a job here! I've been home a week today, and I think I've finally conquered the jet lag.


Thursday, August 6, 2015


I had to have Ralph figure out how to add pix to the blog- what a complicated procedure!

We/he had to save all my pix to some other system- it just got ridiculous. Anyway, that's Sly lounging in the tub, one of his favorite spots.
And here's the hat that I made for Baby Boy, in Husker colors. The diaper cover is made, but I have to sew on the buttons.

Posting now, since this is a trial.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One week

One week to go til I leave for Mill Creek! I just booked Rapid Rover for pick up and delivery, and I have my list of things to not forget. I won't pack til the day I leave. 

I still have things to do- mainly, quilt Baby Boy's quilt. He's due Aug 18, and Manda is huge. Second pregnancies are harder, since you're chasing around the result of the first pregnancy. Amary hugs and kisses Manda's belly, but I don't think she has any real idea of what's going on. 

We saw them in March, for 2 days. We haven't seen Steph and Dan since early December! 

Yesterday I went to Trader Joe's and Bath and Bodyworks. They have the cutest line of vineyard inspired hand soap, in bottles shaped like wine bottles. And they have fall themed soaps and lotions. And I had a retail me not coupon! 

Our county library does the coolest thing. Every month they have a list up of all the books they've bought that month. I use it to make a list of books I want to read. Some months are a bust, but some months they have tons of good stuff.

It's still hot, 90 every day. The weather pornographers say the heat wave should break soon- probably as soon as I leave for WA. 

And now to get tuit!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Heat wave

It's going to be in the 90's all week. Thank goodness for AC! The PacNW is also having a heat wave- it could be 100 in Portland! And most of those poor people don't have AC. 

Except for the buttons, I finished the football diaper set for Baby Boy. Not long til he's due! I fly out on the 11th, and come back the 31st, have Sept 1 to recover, and back to work Sept 2. 

I'm still working my way thru the In Death series by JD Robb. I love the at home scenes with the cat. 

Today I had some errands to run, so I picked up Chick Fil-et and had lunch with my mom. I brought her an extra sandwich, which she likes to have for later. Ralph was at Krav Maga, and says they gave him a good workout. Now I think I'm in for the day.

I got the panel and backing for Baby Boy's quilt, so I have to get downstairs and get that quilted. 

Not much else going on, I feel like I'm in a holding pattern, waiting to go to Seattle.