Sunday, April 10, 2016


I can't believe it snowed all day yesterday. Big fat fluffy flakes of snow! The ground was too warm for it to lay.

 Garrett is getting to be such a big boy! He's 8 months old already! He loves to eat, and is quite mobile now.
I've found that my projects go along much better when I actually work on them! Leaving them alone to do their thing just does not work, unfortunately. This was last week, I've worked on it almost every night, and it's moving along.

11 weeks til retirement! I got the invitation to the county education association retirement dinner. They haven't done much for me in the last 26 years except take my money, so I'll go and get a "free" dinner.  There is also a county school nurses association dinner, and a district nurses dinner. 

I'm reading a series by Peter James. It's a British police procedural, and is very good. The library has a few, and I've gotten some for the kindle. 

Today's lunch is at Villari's.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Easter always feels like the official start to spring. And an excuse for a big family meal!
My temperature afghan at the end of January. It's going to be huge by the end of June! 

I've got beans in the oven, mini hot dogs in sweet and sour sauce in a crockpot, salad and cole slaw made, and dessert bought! We'll pick up Mom at noon and head to Mike and Donna's for dinner. 
We're having someone out to give us a price to convert our wood burning fireplace to gas. We think we'd get so much more use out of it if it was gas, and there's already gas ran to the house. 

Happy Easter!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break

Today was a trifecta- the last day of the workweek, payday, and Spring Break starts tomorrow. Ten days in a row of not having to get up at 6.30AM!
This picture was taken about a week ago on my way to work. First rainbow I've seen here in a while.
Garret saw the eye doctor- everything is fine, and he didn't object to  the sunglasses.

The NJ Pension Board- sigh. Faxed them our birth certificates. Got a letter that they need birth certificates. Ralph just mailed them certified mail, return request. I don't want anything holding up my retirement pay! 

Today was day 128 of my last 185. The time is going fast! 

I'm almost caught back up with my temperature afghan. Today is so nice out, low 70's and sunny. 

I'm catching up on the Fool's Gold series by Susan Mallery. I was ready for something light.

And dinner is ready!


Thursday, March 17, 2016

One of my favorite pix of Garrett! He was annoyed because his food wasn't coming fast enough! 

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted here! Time just got away from me. 
 This is a cape I just finished crocheting for Julianna, at her request. I have to figure out a closing for it. It's floor length! She needs it for dressup. So I'm a couple of weeks behind on my temp afghan, since I was crocheting on the cape every night.

A definite case of work interfering with life! But not for long! I did it, I filed with the pension board for my pension! Ralph went with me to the county union office, and they went thru all my options, and gave detailed directions for filing, so I did it! As of June 30, after 26 years of service, I will be retired. 

And we have plans! August 19, we're going on an Alaska cruise with Steph and Dan, Manda and Ben, Amary and Garrett, and Ben's parents Polly and Randy. We went thru a AAA travel agent.

Then, the end of September, we're going on the train to New Orleans, for the annual meeting of Ralph's Seabee unit. He even booked a sleeper, since it's a 19 hour ride. We're there 3 or 4 days. 

 We went to the diner for lunch 2 weeks ago. I have the jersey shore salad- greens, grilled chicken, strawberries, mandarin oranges, craisins and bleu cheese with a honey vinegarette. Ralph had greek yogurt and fresh fruit. 

I read the Kate Shugak series by Dana Stabenow. So fabulous, but the ending of the latest one is devasting! The next one won't be out til next year, and the ending of Bad Blood threw me so much that I couldn't start another book for days! 

No fabric used, no quilting mojo around. 

And winter is almost over, thank goodness.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

The blizzard of 2016

 It started snowing Friday evening, and it snowed and snowed and snowed. It totalled out at about 18 inches for us- that's a whole lot of snow! 

I made us eggs and pork roll for breakfast yesterday, and chicken salad sandwiches and cole slaw for lunch. Dinner was leftovers of chicken pot pie. Ralph can't eat any of the commercial pot pies, because they put peas in them, which he's allergic to. So it's a treat for him. I use diced potatoes and carrots, and a can of broccoli cheddar soup, and one of cream of chicken soup, and make a two crust pie. The chicken I precook in the crock pot. 

I had my first project finish of the year, a crocheted hooded scarf for Steph to use when she travels to cold places for work. It's made with chunky yarn, and I'm happy with it. I'm back to work on my temperature afghan now. Next I have to get Julianna's cape started, and a small afghan for the Burlington County Farm Fair raffle. 

Tomorrow is a snow day from work- the city takes a while to get dug out, and it's primarily a walking district. There's something wonderful about a snow day! 

Shelfari and Good Reads are merging. I'm not sure how I'll like that, not that I have a choice. Amazon owns both. 

Friday, January 15, 2016


It's Friday, payday, and the beginning of a three day weekend! Yay!

Monday I worked. Tuesday I had a professional day, and Ralph and I went to an inservice about Gang Awareness. It was interesting to learn about the Crips and the Bloods and all the offshoots of them. It was also a little scary to hear how the gangs have a presence in south jersey.

Tuesday night I started to feel really lousy, and I was up a lot of the night. I called out sick on Wednesday, and slept all day. Thursday I went to work. After work was the memorial service for Vena, the nurse that died last week. It was at the school she worked in, and was very nicely done. The music teacher there sang "Fire and Rain." Some poems were read. 

Ralph has never been able to have chicken pot pie, because it always has peas in it. I made one tonight for dinner, and he made a huge dent in it- a success!

I just finished the new Michael Connelly book about Harry Bosch, titled The Crossing. Fantastic book, as are all of his. 

Still working on the temperature afghan, which is a long term project. 

And it's a three day weekend!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Another weekend going by too fast!

It was a strange week. Work Monday and Tuesday, off Wednesday for Three Kings Day. And Wednesday morning, one of the other nurses in the district that I work in, didn't wake up. I'd describe her as a casual friend, someone who's company I enjoyed, but I only saw her at work functions. But a healthy woman in her mid 50's just not waking up? It's just too weird. Since we're nurses, we've been speculating of whether there will be an autopsy, and possible causes of death. No one suspects foul play, we're just curious. We may never know. But it's changed my definition of a good day- now, a good day is one where we both wake up. 

Here's a picture from two years ago, right before Steph and Dan moved to Oregon. We were at Heather's house for Christmas dinner. 

This was our front yard for Christmas- yes, Ralph is somewhat deranged. He bought two deer kids, and as he puts it, "Voided the warranty on one." Consensus is that it is awesome.

I'm still working on my temperature afghan. I was wrong about the number of people in the facebook group, it's 7000 from all over the world! 

I'm reading a Sherryl Woods book in her Chesapeake Shores series. It's going fast. 

Every week or so, I send Amary a book via Amazon. Of course, she's now decided that all packages that come to the door are for her, and are books from Grammy. It's hard being a long distance Grammy, but Amazon is aiding and abetting me!

Garret is such a doll! He'll be 5 months old this week! He's got such a mohawk going- how adorable is that. 

I've joined some cross stitch groups on facebook. I have the urge to get back into that. And once I retire, and don't have to be away from home about 50 hours a week, I can indulge my hobbies more often! Six months to go!