Thursday, May 31, 2018

May is ending!

The borough is extending the water line down the street past my house in anticipation of the the street being redone. So they are outside my house making a lot of noise!

I happened to look out the kitchen window and this is what I saw! Lucy, being silly!

Bobbie, Daisy and Lucy in what we call the Penthouse. They are our feral ladies, and the Penthouse is on top of their heated houses. They are spayed and have had their shots. I'd like to eventually invite them in.

Sly checking out my progress!

Temperature afghan, up to date!
Temperature scarf, also up to date!

My beautiful great niece graduated college! She's here with her Dad Kevin, and grandparents Frank and Charlotte. We're all so proud of her!

Lunch at the diner! 

Ralph and I just had our 46th wedding anniversary! It sounds like forever, but went by in the blink of an eye. 


Sunday, May 13, 2018

It's done and over with

The buyers signed the papers Friday, and the house that I grew up in is no longer in our family. I'm sad and relieved, and it's totally surreal. This weekend being the first Mother's Day since Mom died doesn't help. Hopefully the new owners will love the house and make great memories there.

My camera and google weren't communicating, so I couldn't post the weekly pix here til now!
Minted Macaroon, which insists on photographing as blue, when it's blues and greens. 

Temperature afghan, looking good!

Temperature scarf, as long as the ottoman!

Northern Lights. I actually stopped working on the first three after I took these pix, and I'm working exclusively on this. Four ongoing projects was too much, so I want to finish this, then go back to the daily temp afghan and scarf, with minted macaroon as my main project. 

Heather made this for me for Mother's Day! The wood is from shelves from my childhood bedroom, and the roses are carved from wood. She's so crafty!

Amanda made me this beautiful shirt on the serger! I'm so glad she's getting use from it!

Rain, chilly and dreary all weekend, and more coming tonight. We need the rain, but still. 


Friday, May 4, 2018

Paper signing day

My wonderful brother Mike and I are co-executors of my mom's estate. Today we go and sign the papers selling her house, and the buyers will sign next week and we'll be done with it. Talk about the end of an era! It's so bittersweet- we all lived in that house from the time we were born til we  grew up. 

And when we were first married, Ralph and I and later Mike and Donna lived in the apartment over the garage. 

On a happier note, I had a productive week up til yesterday. Yesterday it was 90 out, and too hot to craft.

Temperature afghan looking good! Up to date as of Wednesday.

Temperature scarf is longer than the ottoman!

I love Northern Lights! It's going to look great on the back of the chair in the living room!

The camera insists that spearmint is all blues, but it's really blues and greens. I'm calling it my main project, and it's halfway done.

Silly Sly is hanging out dozing in his food dish, just in case someone should come along and want to feed  him!

We're having a few days of awful heat- 90 today! Ralph got hammocks for the feral cats, and Daisy is loving it! 

We went to a presentation by Princess Cruises last night with Frank and Charlotte. There was a couple there who've been on 71 cruises, and another couple with 50+ cruises! We figure they must be independently wealthy! It was a very nice presentation, very informative, given thru AAA. 



Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday again!

Being retired is the most wonderful thing! We live on our schedule, not work schedules. And there are so many things to do! I've had my new Tucson for a year now, and just hit 5000 miles on it! If I was still working, it'd be at least double that. I have a lot of days that I don't have to be anywhere, so I stay in.

Heather came up to go to lunch with us on Wednesday, and I sent Julianna three tote bags of fabric- some fat quarters, and the patriotic and halloween fabric that I had. She's taken to sewing like a duck to water! After sewing a month, and without ever having a lesson, she's putting in zippers! Zippers! Everyone I tell is totally impressed. 

I got Northern Lights started! Once I started doing it correctly, it looked a lot better and moved a lot faster! My goal is two rows per day. 
I love my temperature afghan! It's getting warm and snuggly already!
Temp scarf is as long as the ottoman! It's just single crochet, and the same colors as the afghan.
This mitre insists on photographing as blues, but it's actually greens. I'm calling it spearmint.
I sat down and startled Tina, but she didn't leap up and run away. She stayed in the chair and dozed til she heard Ralph go into the kitchen, then she had to run off and see what he was doing- it could involve food for her!

And it's Sunday again, which means lunch with Frank and Charlotte. Olive Garden this week, Ralph's pick. I finished watching Ripper Street on Netflix, and now I'm watching The Killing, which is set in Seattle. I love the not having to fast forward thru commercials aspect of Netflix! 

The end of an era for me- I just renewed my nursing license, and made it inactive. It costs about half of an active license, and I didn't have to have the thirty CEU's needed for an active license. I had the license continuously for thirty years, but have no desire to work in the field, or any other field, anymore. So it was time.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Missed a week!

Oops, missed a week posting!
We had a warm enough day that the low temp was a new color! It didn't last, we're back to blues.
The temperature scarf is almost as long as the ottoman!

The temperature afghan is looking so good!
I had to put the butterscotch mitred afghan on hold. I like the colors so much that I want to make it full size, and I ran out of yarn. Of course AC Moore didn't have that color, so I had to order it from Herrshner's. 

We took  break and went to the Lamp Post for lunch. The special was quiche and fruit. It was good, but not as good at the Whitman's. Ralph got a cheesesteak.
We got the CO for Mom's house. Now there's something going on with the buyer, we should hear today what's going on.
While I'm waiting for butterscotch yarn to be delivered, I started this. The first row was terrible to do, took me all day because it was making me crazy. The next morning I looked at the directions and realized instead of doing dc7tog, I had done 7 dc's in a stitch! So rip, rip, rip. It looks much better and was much easier when I did it correctly.

I also finished binge watching Ripper Street on Netflix. The good guys weren't good, the bad guys were terrible, and the story was compelling. I really hated to see it end.


Friday, April 13, 2018


We're supposed to have a warm day today, imagine that! Of course the nice weather will only last a few days, then back to coldish and dreary for the weekend.

The temperature afghan is coming along nicely! This low today will be 59, which is a green. I'm really tired of the blues, so it'll be a nice change. 

 The temperature scarf is also coming along.

The peanut butter swirl small granny is also finished, and I've move along to a butterscotch color.

Sly is getting to be a real lap cat! He sits with me once or twice a day now! And if I don't pet him, he bumps his head against my hand.

I bought this pattern as a kit after seeing one done on a facebook group. The website said out of stock til June, but I had it within ten days! 

I went thru my yarn and gave away all the stray skeins I had. I'd made my friend Jean a lot of chemo hats, and I had all those skeins. Plus I bought some blanket weight yarn and hated it, so out it went, to my friend's church's crochet group, where it will be used. I also passed along two totes of cross stitch and counted cross stitch projects from mom's that I had no interest in. It felt good to pass them along to where they will be used and loved.

I bought  the serger at the Houston Quilt Show, back when Manda and Ben lived in Houston. I think I used it once. Now that Manda is sewing a lot, I shipped the serger and thread off to her. She's busy practicing on it.
We went to lunch, and I got this great spinach and strawberry salad! I brought home enough that we shared it with our dinner!

Settlement is in ten days, which explains why I'm up at 4.30 a.m. writing on my blog! I'll breathe a sigh of relief and sadness when it's over.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Looks like my phone and google like each other today!

This is a granny square made with a yarn color called Bubble Gum. It's a premium sweet roll. It'll be 4 sweet rolls in size. What looks like gray on the right is just shadow.

Temperature scarf, up to date as of this morning.

Temperature afghan, folded in half on the ottoman, and laid out flat on the floor. I love how it's turning out!

Easter is this Sunday! We're going to Mike and Donna's for dinner. I made my shopping list out this morning, and we'll go food shopping tomorrow. I'm making pasta salad, cole slaw, corn casserole, sweet potatoes with pineapple and cherries in the crock pot, and a lemon trifle. Ham will be the main course, as usual.

Julianna has been wanting to sew, so she and Heather came up last weekend and got my travel machine, a Janome Jem platinum. We did a short lesson, and found the manual online. She raided my fabric closet, which she was very impressed by. She said she may visit me every week! She can't be here more than a few hours at a time due to her cat allergy.

When they got home, Heather texted me pix of Jules sitting at the dining room table sewing, making little pillows. The next day she cleaned and rearranged her room to make a sewing corner! The next day Heather got her a small table/desk to keep the machine on. I'm so happy that she's discovered a new passion! 

I'm caught up on all the series I watch on network TV, so I have to find a new series to watch on Netflix.