Sunday, March 18, 2018

St Patrick's Day Weekend!

I finished this afghan last week, but my photos didn't share to the blog site til this morning. 
So then I started one in these wonderful colors!

Temperature scarf as of last Wednesday, it's up to date.

Temperature afghan is looking good!
We went to lunch at what Ralph calls the Quiche Diner. He had banana walnut pancakes with a side of scrapple.
I took a lot of pix at Heather and Ed's party, but only the one has shared with google so far. We had such a good time! At one point there were probably 50 people there! Lots of food, of course! 

And the best news, we got an offer for Mom's house! Papers are all signed for a settlement the end of April. Much as we're sad to see it leave the family, since Dad and Mom built it, we're happy that another family will be able to build memories there.

And there's snow in the forecast for the first day of spring!!!!


Friday, March 9, 2018


So we had some snow! Almost a foot for us, of heavy wet snow. It rained, then snowed, then rained, then snowed and snowed and snowed! 

I took this apart down to the center, because I hated it. It was a traditional granny, where you turn at the end of each round.
Now it looks like this so far- I'm on the last sweet roll of yarn. I like it much better! I changed it so that instead of turning at the end of the round, I slipped stitch to the next chain 3 space and picked it up from there.
Temperature afghan! I love how the colors are mixed. I have to get to the 60's in temp before a new color-yellow- will come in. 

Temperature scarf is also coming along. 
Today's goal is to finish the green afghan (again) and to sew the flower buttons onto Steph's firehouse, which will make it a FFO and I can mail it out to her along with a check to get it framed. And to do today's temp rows- the color of the day is arctic ice, since the low was 28.


Sunday, March 4, 2018

March came in like a lion!

We had our first Rita's of the season on March 1, which was a beautiful day. Lemon  water ice for Ralph, a chocolate water ice with vanilla custard gelati for me. March 2 it first rained all night, then snowed all day! 

Julianna had a birthday! She's now 11! It was her first birthday without her birthday twin, her great grandmother, so we were  all sad about that, but she had a nice party with grandparents and friends. And her mom and dad let all 5 of her friends sleep over!

Afghan almost finished! It's the mitered modern granny afghan pattern, made with HL cakes and an H hook. It might be my new favorite pattern! I actually finished it the following day- I used 6 cakes.

Temperature afghan! It's twice as wide; it's folded in half. I love how it's coming along. A simple ripple with a G hook, picking up back loops only.

Temperature scarf, also coming along. Just single crochet, 40 stitches wide, back loops only, also with a G hook.
Ralph and his baby, Tina. He carries her around wrapped up- she'd shred me if I tried that!

In February I read 9 books, 4 of which were on my Kindle. 

And so it goes!


Friday, February 23, 2018

Rain, Rain, Rain

Mother Nature is a tease. We had record high temperatures this week, followed by rain and more rain. We actually slept with the windows open one night! 

The difference back stitching makes!  It's amazing! Backstitching is so tedious, but it makes all the difference. Now I just have to order the flower beads, and it will be done, and can go to it's new home at Steph's house.

 Heather made me this sign on her cricut. The wood is from a shelf at Mom's house, from my old room. She lightly sanded it so some of the blue from the shelf comes thru. She also made one each for Mike and John, and along the bottom of theirs it says Oehrl in script. Totally amazing!

Temperature scarf, with ends woven in. It'll need to be blocked when I'm done.

Temperature afghan, coming along so nicely. It's folded, so it's twice as wide as it looks. I got to use a new color this week with the beautiful weather! 

I'm still reading my way thru Jill Shalvis books. I'm reading the Animal Magnetism series now. Her books are very readable- humorous, and you can relate to the characters. 

One of our feral cats looks like his leg is broken, and Ralph has been trying to trap him all week to take him to the vet. So far the cat is too smart for him. Ralph is considering a butterfly net! Poor cat, we just want to help.


Friday, February 16, 2018


It feels so good to not have to bundle up to go outside! But it's only mid-February, so we could still get lots of snow. Boo.

Tina in her chair, and on Ralph's lap. She stretches out and purrs, until he does something unacceptable like move. 

Steph's fire house is coming along nicely. The aida cloth is actually a light blue, to represent the sky. 

The temperature scarf! I spent an hour yesterday weaving in all those ends, so it looks a little different today.

And the temperature afghan! I'm so happy with how it's coming along!

I just finished the new JD Robb, Dark in Death. Really good, as are all of hers. Nothing on TV, since I don't watch the Olympics. So I'm binge watching Midsomer Murders on Netflix, a British mystery series. 

I had a really nice birthday. Talked to all my people, and had lunch with Ralph and Heather. Heather brought me a bunch of purpley pink mums, which I love. Manda and Steph sent me chocolate from Godiva and See's, always a hit! And Ralph got me a box of chocolate covered cherries, and a bag of Swedish fish. All wonderful gifts! 

This morning I had errands to do, so Ralph went along with me and we started with breakfast at the Lamp Post. Then quick stops at the library, mailbox, and bank.

My mom gets so much mail! Everyone asking for contributions, if they enclosed a postal paid envelope, I write deceased across her name and send it back. Florence still gets the occasional mail, and she's been dead for four years!

The plan for the rest of today is to do my temperature rows and work on the cross stitch. I read for a half hour to an hour before I go to sleep at night. 

And that's retired life! It's great!


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It rained all day yesterday, it's raining cats and dogs today, and rain is predicted for the next two days! But, it's better than the snow that other parts of the country are getting! 

I've been watching Last Tango in Halifax on Netflix, and I was sad when I got to the end. It's a British drama. 

Almost every day, Sly decides he needs to sit on or with me and get some loving. If I stop petting him, he nips me! Little toad!

Temperature afghan is coming along! It's folded in half in this pic.
Temperature scarf is also coming along. I'll weave in the ends when it's finished.

Steph's fire house is moving right along. I hope to be finished when she comes home in May/June.
And a FFO, the granny afghan made with 5 cakes of Saturday Sundae from Hobby Lobby.

This week is my birthday! 65! Medicare time! It's so weird.

We listed Mom's house with the realtor. Pix were taken Friday, and it should go online tomorrow. What an ordeal- Mike has been up there so much, finishing cleanup and touchup. I just have dreams of people I know moving. 

And that's what the past week has been!


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Still Cold!

It was 13 degrees this morning! Yesterday it snowed off and on, but didn't really lay, which is fine. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow for the Super Bowl, which the Eagles are in. We're invited to Heather and Ed's for a party, in which only the half time show will be watched. It's a very select group, just us and Ed's parents.
I forgot to post this when I finished it. It's baby blanket sized, and was done with caron cakes, or something similar. 
Then I started this one, with Hobby Lobby's sweet rolls. The colorway is called Saturday Sundae. I have one or two more rolls to add to it.
The temperature afghan is coming along! It looks smaller here because I put it on the floor to get the whole width in the picture.
Th temperature scarf is also coming along. 40 stitches wide, single crochet with a G hook, picking up the back loop only to add texture to it. 
And last but not least, and I don't know why it's showing upside down, is the counted cross stitch fire house for Steph. I work on the temp afghan and scarf every day, and kind of alternate the granny and the cross stitch. 

I read 14 books in January, 3 on the kindle. I'm working my way thru Jill Shalvis' books, with some miscellaneous library books in between. 

Ten more days and I'll turn 65 and be on Medicare. How did that happen? But it's better than the alternative. My friends Linda, Linda (Sam) and Doris died before they were old enough to collect social security, so I'm happy to have the opportunity to grow older.