Friday, February 10, 2017


Another week passed! Retirement is amazing. No set bedtime or rising time, no having to leave the house before it's light outside, no putting up with work people! 

A funny thing is that I'm reading less! I used to read everyday during my lunch break, and after student dismissal. At home, there are just too many fascinating things to do! I have to make an effort to read. I try to read when I go to bed, but it's now making me sleepy. 
The bottom is done! I had to take it off the frame to do the top right section- being a lefty, my left arm isn't long enough to comfortably do the top area, and my right hand isn't coordinated enough to do it. I was hoping to finish the project by March 1, but don't think that will happen. New goal is to be done by March 15. 

After this project, I want to take a month off from counted cross stitch. I have a few crochet projects I want to get going- a poncho/sweater thing for Amary, and my yearly lap afghan for the Burlington County Farm Fair. 

We had snow yesterday, which didn't stick much to the roads or walks, but was a mess coming down. Ralph swept off the steps, and I stayed in all day. Today it's really cold- 23 at 10 a.m., so I may stay in again. Another retirement benefit- I don't buy gas nearly as frequently! I go out almost every day, but rarely go more than 10 miles away. All the places we like to eat, and all the craft stores I go to, are less than 10 miles away. 

Last month we took a morning and went to Thrift stores! We skipped the local Goodwill, because it's a hot mess. We went to 2 church run stores, and a huge store. I got 2 paperbacks at one. At another I got a bunch of small counted cross stitch ornament kits in a bag for a buck! Ralph got 2 pair of pants, one looks brand new, and 2 bike helmets. We decided to make the rounds once a month, then go to lunch. 
 It only took one day for this pattern to be posted online! There's also an Alt US National Park Service pattern up, which I printed out. We live in interesting times.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


I've been retired for 6 months, and have never been busier! I considered stopping the blog, but I enjoy doing it, so my goal is to post more often. Easy goal to keep!
This is one of the things keeping me busy! Lakeside Cabin, counted cross stitch. I'm enjoying it, but it's a lot of stitches!
We had a snow squall the other evening, that reduced visibility a lot, and dumped about a half inch in a half hour. 
I got bored with my plain green comforter and got this one. I had to buy more pillows for the shams, and have to take another picture. Ralph, being a guy, doesn't get the concept of shams and decorative pillows. Heather could never have this comforter, because it's asymmetrical. I think it makes a nice change.

I got Ralph an echo dot for Christmas. Alexa is very handy when we need to spell a word! She's also great for getting weather reports. 

Cookie Swap is trying to get together every month. Last month we went to the Franklinville Inn, which was very nice but pricey. This month we're going to a pizzeria to make up for it! 

I've got a lousy head cold, and I'm hoping it runs it's course soon. I have things to do!
I watched The West Wing on Netflix. Fantastic show! Now I'm watching Madame Secretary, which is also fabulous. 

So we'll see how well I do keeping up with the blog!


Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Retirement is wonderful, and I've been so busy! The summer was really way too hot. In August, Ralph caught bronchitis, and was too sick to go on the Alaskan cruise. My first instinct was to stay home with him, and I should have done that. But he was so insistent that I go, so I did. I had a wonderful time. 

We were on the Explorer of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship.

Alaska was amazing. Our group was Steph and Dan, Ben, Manda, Amary and Garrett, me, and Polly and Randy. We did things together, and we did things in smaller groups. 

Skagway was so cool! We took a train ride up 2200 feet! Then we toured the town, most of which is part of a national park, so they have to keep the old west look. 

All to soon the week was over, and we were back to Seattle. I stayed a day at Manda's, and flew home Sunday. Much as I love to travel, it was good to be home!


Sunday, August 7, 2016


It's August! It's been so hot this summer. We had a few nice nights this week when I turned off the AC and opened the windows, but we're back to hot.
Ralph decided we needed to show our appreciation to our local police. So he got a hoagie tray and a case of coke, and we delivered it to the police station. They were very appreciative, and took our picture with the staff that was in the station at the moment, and put the pic on their facebook page. 
I'm so excited to see Manda, Ben, Amary and Garrett in a few weeks. Garrett is taking a few steps! He'll be a year old on the 12th, sharing Ben's birthday. They're both taking swimming lessons. I just saw them in April, but that seems forever ago.

Steph arrives here in a few hours- she's in for meetings at her home office. And we'll see Dan in a few weeks when we meet up for our Alaska cruise. He calls the cruise ship a floating coffin!

I have to have Ralph figure out why all the pix I take on my phone don't show up here. I have others that I want to share. 

I finished up a big cross stitch piece- one of those pix that doesn't show up- and now I'm itchy to start another. I have two that i want to start- one that will stay here, and one that will go on the cruise with me. And I want to start a crochet piece, but have to figure out what pattern- I have the yarn all ready. 

This week I need a haircut and a pedicure for the trip. I need cruise toes! And I need to start my "don't forget" list. 

When I wake up in the morning, instead of wanting to stay in bed, I start thinking about all the things I want to do each day, and I get up and get to them. If it's a recumbinent bike day, that gets done first, or it doesn't get done. Today was a go to the grocery store before it gets crowded day. I love not having to get up and go to work!


Sunday, July 31, 2016


The biggest issue with retirement? Not enough hours in the day. It still feels like summer break, and will til September 1, then it will feel like retirement.
I love how Garrett is rocking the bow tie! He was formal for a wedding they were at in Nebraska. I can't believe he's almost a year old!

I laughed at Tina, who was sitting happily in the Odds and Ends container. I don't know if she's an end, but she's certainly odd.
An oldie of a pic, from June 2010. We were on the way to Manda's wedding ceremony. 

And now we're getting ready for our Alaska cruise!


Friday, June 24, 2016

I am now retired!

I had my last day of work yesterday. After 26 years in the field, I am now retired. Since I worked in schools, and have the summer off (without pay!) every year, it won't feel real til September 1, when I don't have to get up and go sit in boring meetings. And it'll be great when it's snowing or snow is in the the forecast, and I'm waiting for the text. And when it's raining and I just don't want to get out of bed. 

We went to Julianna's recital earlier this month! She was in 3 dances, and did a wonderful job! She's in the air right now with Heather, Ed and Eddie headed to Ft Myers to visit her other grandparents. 

 These guys are getting so big! Garrett wanted that cake so bad- right after the pic was taken he was yelling and reaching for it. He's pulling himself up on everything and standing. Amary is going to be 3 next month! 

I have so much that I want to do! The temperature afghan is now done except for weaving in ends and adding a border. The farm fair afghan is done and given to Barbara. But the project that I'll start tomorrow is cleaning and organizing the kitchen. I know there's a table under there somewhere!

And maybe I can post more often!

Friday, June 10, 2016

I'm still here!

 Here's one of the things keeping me busy. It will be a raffle item for the Burlington County Farm Fair.

 Andy my temperature afghan is still in progress! It'll go til the end of this month. 

I have 9 more work days to go, then I'm retired! Yay! 26 years in this job, and I'm done, done, done. And maybe then I'll have more time to blog! 

I read a really good book from the library. Troublemaker, by Linda Howard. It has a great dog character, a golden retriever named Tricks. It's a romantic suspense novel, and just came out. 

I haven't done any cross stitch or quilting, because the star afghan has a deadline, and I'm getting tired of the temp afghan, so I want to get it done!

And it's June!