Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday morning

It's sunny and a chilly 27 degrees out. A heatwave after last weekends 11 degrees. Yesterday I was a total slug- only went out of the house to take the dog out and get the mail. Toast and I napped and bummed. I did get ambitious later and made chicken enchiladas for dinner, with enough for tonight also. And I made the 4 couch pillow covers that Manda picked out the fabric for. They can go in the mail to her this week. That used up 3 yards of fabric.

This week I have an inservice to go to on Tuesday. It's "Addictions and Pregnancy" and is held in a nice resturant about 3 miles from me. It's 5 CEU's, which I need, they feed us lunch, and it was cheap- $35. My friend Roseanne is also going, and I'm hoping it'll be interesting. Then on Wednesday the kids have a half day and the staff has an afternoon inservice. So the week will be broken up.

TV is pretty good. I tape things for my brother that he can't get, and Burn Notice, Big Love and the Closer are all having new episodes.

January birthdays- Lou, Jay, Jim, Zach, Linda B, Janet V. Happy Birthday to all!

Sunday things to be happy about:
Heather and Ed love their new home and state.
We haven't had any amount of snow (yet).
My new carpet looks so nice!


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