Saturday, January 17, 2009

Live from North Carolina! It's Saturday Night!

Here I am in Albemarle, NC! We left this morning from Philly, where it was 11 degrees. Our flight to Laguardia was delayed, because the flight coming in from Williamsport Pa was late due to ice issues. It was a small- maybe 20 people-plane, and it never went as high as the big planes do- we could still see ground. It's a half hour to LaGuardia, where it was 5 degrees! We had to go down steps out of the plane, cross the tarmac, go up some steep steps to the terminal, and walk from gate 2 to gate 15, which was a hike! By the time we hit the restroom and go to the gate, they were boarding.

A nice flight to Charlotte, and we actually got in early. Charlotte airport is more like AC than Philly, but about 10 times bigger than AC. Heather and the kids picked us up, and it took about an hour to get to her house.

We had some lunch, then Heather wanted to go to a winery that's only about a mile from her house, but further up the mountain and down a really bumpy road. It was really nice, like a rustic cabin, with views for miles of state parks and lakes. We could see the vines, and deer feeding. I don't do wine- I get an instant headache. Heather and Steph tried 5 wines and bought 2 bottles.

We got back here and hung out for a while, then Heather, Ed and Steph went to a resturant/club in town, and Julie went to bed. Eddie is watching TV, and I've got the computer! And tomorrow it's supposed to be 50!


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