Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's too hot!

For the past few weeks the weather has been totally goofy. 90 one day, 60 the next. High pollen and then rain. Right now we're in a stretch of 90+ degree days. Ralph finally broke down and turned on the AC this morning- he was painting and Sharon came to clean, so on it went. It'll be on til at least Sunday. 

I had a routine doc visit today. It was supposed to be a pre-op clearance, but since Aetna and Kennedy are still at a standoff, no surgery can be scheduled. Afterwards, we met Steph and Dan for dinner at Burger 21, where they have the best over sweet potato fries and dips. Poor Toast had to go see Uncle Vet, and now she's on meds. 

It's almost the weekend! And it's getting closer to the end of the school year, and to the time when Baby Girl will arrive! This week she's 4.5 pounds and the size of a pineapple! As Heather said, hopefully her head isn't pointy like a pineapple! 

The cats don't like the heat either. They stretch out on the tile floor, and were thrilled when we turned on the AC. 

So it's spring in Jersey!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

We live in the land of the free because of the brave. We have a lot of Veterans in our family. Ralph served in the Navy in Vietnam, my Dad was Navy in WWII and Korea, my grandpop was WWI, also in the Navy. Uncle Pete was another Navy guy. My cousin George Yardley is recently retired, and his son George is still serving. Ayesha is out, thank goodness, and safe. Ralph's dad was a Marine. My mom had Uncles in various branches of the service. My internet group has Carol and Sandie, as well as a lot of husbands. Bob Lemoine is another Navy Vet., and David Doone also served his country. Jean's son Jim was yet another Navy Seabee. Thanks to all of you! 

Today is also our 41st anniversary! We share the date with Brian and Jackie, who are celebrating their 18th. 

We slept in til almost 9, then went to Bob Evans to use our breakfast coupon. When we got home, Ralph went to the Memorial Day ceremony at the Monument, and I started laundry. 

I started a new crochet project, which I'm not ready to talk about til I make sure it'll work. I spent the last two days looking for the mat for my accuquilt, as I have a quilt project I also want to get going. I went thru every bin in the dining room, the closet in the sewing room, and finally found it hiding under two bags in the guest room.

The builder finally fixed the leak around the skylight! So now Ralph is re-building the closet in the guest room. When he finishes that, the containers of fabric will be able to go back in the guest room, and the dining room can go back to being a dining room! Imagine that! 

And May is on it's way out! Freakiest May ever, weather wise. Heat, humidly, pollen, cold, wind- we've had it all this May. 

And so it goes!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

So proud!

The Oehrl/Garemore family are kind of slow starters. It takes us a while to figure out what we want to do, but when we decide, it's full speed ahead. Amanda, is of course the exception- she knew what college degree she wanted, started right after high school, and went straight thru and graduated, then later went to a different college for her Master's in Physics. 

I was 28 when I started college. I had a husband, a house, a couple of kids, dogs, and cats. But I decided I was ready. It took 7 years, and a change in majors, but I did it. Graduated from Rutgers with a BSN. I kept my goals realistic- I wanted to have a 3.0 GPA, and I managed a 3.1. Not that a single person has ever asked! 

Heather was another late starter, but again, when she decided she wanted to go for a BSN, she forged ahead and got it. 

And then there's Stephanie. She took some classes, but didn't have a major in mind. She got a job for a temp agency, and they sent her to ISO- Insurance Services Organization. As soon as she started there, they loved her and went thru the steps to hire her. They also encouraged her to go to college, and paid for it. She got her associate degree at Camden County College, and then applied to Holy Family University, which offers a degree in Fire Science. She did fabulously, and should have graduated with honors. Silly college said that since she didn't do all her classes there, they could give her honors. She was robbed!

 She then applied to St. Joseph's University in Philly, for a Master's in Fire Science and Public Safety Administration. Her work kept paying for the classes and supporting her. She just graduated from St. Joe's, Summa Cum Laude! We are certainly not surprised, but we are thrilled and so proud of her!

She didn't walk, because- and how ridiculous is this- it costs over $300 to walk! All the tuition money she paid them, and they want her to pay to walk? Not likely. 

Congratulations Stephanie! We love you and we're so proud of you! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Hallmark Holiday!

I'm sure the person who started Mother's Day did so with the best of intentions, Take a day to honor your mother, tell/show her how much she means to you. Then Hallmark got hold of the idea, and boom! Commercialization! On the radio Friday they were having a big debate as to whether men should spend the day with their wives or mothers. One wise reader suggested spending the day with both. 

Another one is Grandparents Day, which Hallmark invented several years ago- I refuse to acknowledge that one. Or maybe I should buy Hallmark stock and be a cheerleader for all the Hallmark Holidays! 

And maybe some families do need the nudge of a holiday to spend time with moms. My family never has- I talk to my mom almost every day, and Ralph sees his mom at least twice a week. My girls either call me or I call them at least once a week, and Manda and Steph email me almost every day. So I'm blessed that way. 

Manda, Ben and Kitten, along with Becca, are all moved in and making good headway with unpacking boxes. Kitten is managing the steps just fine, which was a worry for Manda. And Ben cut his very own lawn for the first time! 

No word from ortho about aetna, so I guess they're still not playing well with Kennedy Hospital. 

Ralph put in a new thermostat last fall, and it worked fine all winter. Friday he was downstairs and heard a hissing from the heater, never a good thing, and smelled a smell. He turned off the heater (along with the hot water!) and we called Dan M. the heater guy. He and Ralph decided the thermostat has most likely fried a control on the heater, and he'll be out of Wednesday to fix it. That means showering at Mom's for a few days- good thing we only live 2 blocks from her! 

I'm still hooked on that stupid Candy Crush Saga game, along with half the world. But I have cut back on the time I waste on it. 

Sly and Tina are settled in well. Sly loves the porch, and the window in our bedroom. Tina loves the basement, and sitting on Ralph's lap. Sly will come up and head butt you til you pet him. I still miss Miss Millie and Cliffie so badly that thinking about them makes me want to cry. 

And so it goes!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's May!

The weather has been gorgeous- 60's and 70's during the day, chilly at night. A few nights we were able to sleep with the windows open, which makes the cats very happy. The weather in the midwest was terrible, with May snow. We were afraid Manda and Ben would be caught in the snow, but they lucked out and didn't see any. 

It's been a quiet weekend- my favorite kind. We went to Bob Evans for breakfast yesterday, and they have new thing- 4 servings of several items to go for $5. We got chicken salad, broccoli cheddar soup, and cole slaw to go. For once we thought ahead and took a cooler with us, and Ralph was able to buy hoagies supporting some organization. We went from breakfast to Office Max and got a new desk chair- the other one was leaning to one side. 

On Thursday I took a half day off work and went to the Memorial Service for Roseann's father. The service was short and very nicely done. We got to see her grandchildren at the funeral luncheon, which was also very nicely done. 

Niece Brittany has a new baby boy, and I just finished making him my usual baby gift- an afghan, a few oversized receiving blankets, and some burp clothes. 

I've gotten hooked on this dumb facebook game of Candy Crush, and I'm wasting entirely too much time on it. I'm trying to cut down, as of today. 

I'm between crocheting projects. I got out a baby afghan that I started years ago, and I have to sit and figure out how to follow the pattern. 

Baby Girl is a spaghetti squash this week. Tomorrow Manda will be 31 weeks- not real long to go! 

No word from ortho, but I didn't expect anything. I'm resigned to waiting til August at least. Knock wood, the knee pain is constant but only about a 1-2 on a scale of ten. 

I went into Joann's Fabric to buy a specific magazine Friday, and only bought it! I was most proud of myself. I looked around a little, then pictured my shelves and checked out and left. 

And the beat goes on!