Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our NC trip

So I've already described the Stony Mountain Winery that we went to on Saturday afternoon. Saturday night Heather, Ed and Steph went out to a sports bar. They had a good time and all came home reeking of smoke- they said 90% of the people there were smoking, which is weird to us. Cigarettes are like $2.50 per pack there, which may be part of why so many smoke. Or maybe they're just uniformed about the health risks?

Sunday we all went out in Ed's truck. We went to see the Christmas tree farm, and rode up to the top of Morrow Mountain. Gorgeous views, even tho it was cloudy. I couldn't drive up it- the road is one lane, and it's up a mountain! I don't do heights well, so I looked straight ahead. Then we rode thru part of the Uhwarrie Forest, which has a lot of trails. We saw some deer, who were used to having the right of way! It was pretty in the winter, and will be gorgeous in the summer. After our journey, Heather made us a wonderful chicken dinner.

Monday Heather, Julie, Steph and I went off to explore Albemarle. You say "shopping" to Julie and she runs for her shoes! Say shopping to Eddie, and he runs the other way! He stayed home with Ed to do manly things like ride the 4 wheeler.

We went to a neat store that sells local crafts. The owner was very informative and very talkative. We bought some local lotion bars and pottery, and the owner recommended a luncheonette called the Rosebriar, so we headed off to there for lunch. Then we did some more exploring.

Ed made dinner that night- he loves to cook and is very good at it. He made pasta with a sauce of tomatoes, peppers, garlic. We had ceaser salad with it, and Heather made a pound cake for dessert. She and Steph had strawberry wine drizzled over it.

We kept hearing about all the snow we were due for- not a good sign, since we were leaving Tuesday. Tuesday we got up to 4 inches of snow. The TV station was showing snow horror stories, and going back and forth with the inauguration. Ed took the truck out and said he'd get us to the airport with no problem, and he was right. Once we were off the mountain and thru the town, there was barely any snow. We got to the airport with an hour to spare.

It was a really nice trip, other than the prolonged flying part. Ordinarily, I think going thru DC as a layover is an option, but now that weekend. By the time you do the airport and flying stuff, it'll be almost as fast to drive. I won't get down there again until summer probably, and then I will drive. Steph and Manda are planning to meet in NC, either right before Easter or over Memorial day.


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