Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wow, it's August!

Today is postop day 35, and I'm at a standstill. I can't do any exercising until next Monday, as part of the ablation recovery. They make all these little cuts inside the heart, and they want them to get a headstart in healing. So PT had to be postponed. I'm mainly using the cane, and just doing the necessary walking and resting a lot. 

And it's August! Summer break is half over! We have birthdays- Tori will be 16, and Ben will also have a birthday. 

I've noticed in the last week that I'm sleeping much better, using less tylenol, and moving easier. So it's all starting to come together. 

In July I read 18 books, all on the Nook and Kindle. That brings the year's total to 91 books, 40 on the e-readers. I won't go back to the library til I can drive again, probably in another two weeks. I see ortho next Tuesday for a 6 week checkup. 

We're getting rain, a nice steady rain that we need. Of course it's also making my new knee achey. 

And the beat goes on!

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