Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Yesterday was sad. Mom Florence's cat Sheba was having full blown seizures with increasing frequency, so Ralph called the vet, and the cat was euthanized last night. She most likely had a brain tumor, and they did the kindest thing for her. It's going to be very hard on Mom Florence- the cat has been her constant companion in the assisted living. It was hard on Ralph, being there to support his mom. 

I had PT yesterday and today. Yesterday we got there a little early, and it wasn't open yet from lunch. So we took a walk up the strip mall- Ralph paced it out to be 400 steps each way. Then the PT session began with 5 minutes on the treadmill, and went on to a lot of stretching and flexing activities. I was wiped out when we were done! 

Today it teemed outside while I was having PT. Afterwards, we went out to lunch, then stopped in the Lowe's parking lot so I could see if I have the range of motion to drive. I did! So I drove home, and it felt wonderful! Tomorrow while Ralph is at senior citizens with Mom Florence, I'll go to Heather and Ed's and watch the kids from when Ed leaves til Heather gets home. 

I haven't read a single physical book since my knee surgery- it's been all ebooks on the Nook or the Kindle. I had told the library I would be missing in action for a while because of the surgery, and it might continue just because I love reading on the ereader so much. 

I was watching an episode of House Hunters Vacation where they sent the family to St. Michael's, Md. It was so beautiful! It may have to go on my bucket list of places that I want to visit. 

I worked in my sewing room for another hour or so last night, tidying up. It's looking pretty good, and I keep finding things that I'd forgotten about. 

And so it goes!

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