Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday night

Mom is doing OK after her eye surgery. She saw the doc yesterday, and can have the patch off during the day. She goes back next week, and has to continue to keep her head down. The only other person we know who has had that surgery is Barbara's husband John. Today I asked Barbara, for mom, how long it was til John was pleased with his vision. Two months! 

Yesterday we went and hung out with Eddie and Julianna while Heather went for CPR recertification and Ed was at work. It's always fun to spend time with the kids. 

Tuesday my new knee had it's 6 week checkup with ortho. I can flex it 105 degrees, and he said some people never get that much flexion, so he's very happy with it. The little knot that I can feel under the skin (the one that was giving me nightmares that the kneecap had moved) is scar tissue, and nothing to worry about. We discussed the fact that my left knee is getting more sore, and I know it won't last til next summer. I see him again in 6 weeks. 

The cardiologist who did the ablation will be the one who decides when I can go off the anticoagulant for a few days to have the old knee replaced. I see him in mid-September, so I should be able to make plans after that. 

This morning I had my first outpatient PT appointment. It was mostly an assessment session. I told him what exercises I've been doing, and he tweaked a few of them. He said that I'm where he would expect someone to be at 6 weeks post op, and maybe even a little ahead. He asked my goals- to build up endurance! I'll go there 3 times a week til school starts, then back it down to twice a week. This afternoon and evening, the old knee was bothering me so much that I skipped walking laps. 

I've been reading on the Nook. Nothing wonderful, just OK books. 

The administrator of the rehab called me, to discuss the survey that I'd returned. I signed my name- if I'm going to complain, I'll stand behind it. I had complained about the nursing staff not checking ID bands or even asking my name before handing me meds, including narcotics. I told him I had made the nurse manager aware, and he told me he takes the issue very seriously, and will follow up with her. I had also complained about the menu listing fresh fruit, and being served canned peaches almost every day. He said he had already discussed that with dietary, that you can't write fresh fruit and then serve canned. So I felt good about sending back the survey. 

And so it goes!

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