Friday, August 17, 2012

Seven weeks!

I'm 7 weeks and 2 days postop! The scar is looking great, but the leg and foot still swells up. I was at PT today, and the therapist complimented me on how flexible the leg is, and how much extension I have. I had 110 degrees of flexibility. 

And I'm driving! After PT on Tuesday, we went over to Lowe's parking lot and I practiced, and I was able to brake easily, so I drove home. It felt good, and Ralph was so happy! He hates to drive. Wednesday I drove the Heather and Ed's, and stayed with the kids from when Ed left for work til Heather got home. Eddie is so easy to babysit- I take the iPad, and he's good for hours. Julie flits between playing, the Kindle Fire games, TV, and bothering Eddie. 

Today I took myself to PT, then went to the library to pick up a book I had requested. There are 2 handicapped spaces there. The office that shares the library parking lot had both of them blocked. one had boards in it, and the other had a tarp and trash cans. Luckily, I was able to get a close parking space. When I came home, I called the non emergency police line, and told them. The police said they would go over and make the people clear out the handicapped spaces. The library is very busy, and there is almost always someone in at least one of the spaces, and I couldn't believe the office people were ignorant enough to block them. I hope they get a fine. 

It's Friday, so Ralph and Frank went off to the movies. They go at least once a month, which is great. 

Mom got cleared to not have her head down all the time, and her vision is coming back to that eye. 

And so it goes!

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