Thursday, August 2, 2012

A new baby is coming!

My mom called and said she was going to be a grandmother again. Hmm, one sister in law will be 50 this year, and the other is older than that. Then she clarified that she's going to be a great-grandmother again. My nephew Joseph called her and told her that he and his girlfriend Ally are having a son the beginning of January. 

Mom has been really worried about the eye surgery that she is having next week, so news of a new baby came at a great time. She told Joseph that she'd call me to spread the word to my girls. First I called the new grandparents to be to congratulate them, but they were out so I left them a message. 

Then I called Heather, Manda and Steph to tell them they are going to be cousins. They are all very excited for Joseph and Ally. The baby is due January 3, so maybe he will arrive early and come on Heather's birthday! Heather, unlike Steph, doesn't mind sharing her birthday. 

Mike and Donna will make wonderful grandparents. Donna will be 50 when the baby is born, the same age I was when Eddie was born. And Mike has this gruff exterior that puppies and little kids see right thru. Donna's mom used to joke that Donna carried the kids for nine months, and Mike carried them for the next 6 years! 

And of course this means that I need blue yarn! 

And I wonder if this means there will be another little Joe Oehrl running around?

And the beat goes on!

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