Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday night

It's been a fairly quiet day. Mom Florence called at 8 this morning, to say her cat was running around and wouldn't let anyone in the apartment. Ralph went up and they went to the vet. The vet did some bloodwork, but Sheba seemed fine at the office. Late this afternoon Florence called and said Sheba was having a seizure, so Ralph went up there. He's not sure what occurred was a seizure, and the cat was friendly when he was there. So it's wait and see. Sheba is probably 12 or so. 

I've been doing my exercises faithfully, but haven't walked outside for a couple of days. Either it's raining, or Ralph isn't home, or my other knee hurts too much. 

I've been reading the Body Farm series of mysteries by Jefferson Bass. A good set of mysteries- I just finished #3. 

I finished a oversized lap afghan in shades of blue and white, which if for the Farm Fair's raffle. Every year they raffle off a quilt and an afghan, and some other craft items. Definitely a good cause. 

I finally got a little bit of mojo, and I'm cleaning up my sewing room. Even the piles have piles! I worked in there for almost an hour tonight. 

I also watched the last show on the DVR. Now I have to remember - or ask Ralph- how to make the DVD player go on, and I can start on some DVD's. 

Tomorrow we're going to Sharon's house for Connor's birthday party. 

Mom is doing OK with her postop eye. She's annoyed with the entire thing, and sort of sorry she had it done. Barbara heard the same thing from her husband, so it's just waiting it out at this point. Sitting with your head down would get old real fast!

And the beat goes on!

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