Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's the end of August!

We're running out of summer! The days are getting shorter and shorter already. I won't miss the extreme heat that we've had this summer, which is reflected in my electric bill. 

PT continues. I'm having trouble lifting up my leg, so a new exercise was added. PT puts small cones in a row of 3 or 4 inside the parallel bars. I have to walk sideways and step over the cones. I can really feel it, so it must be a good exercise. That and the straight leg lifts are the hardest. I know I have to walk more, but I'm limited by the other leg. 

Mom Florence will be 90 in October! We're giving her a party at Scotland Run on Sept 15. We went with a brunch party, with an omelette station. It's mostly family, since sadly, most of her friends have passed. It was quite a production setting up a date around the grandchildren's schedules. First we got a list of Saturdays that Manda and Ben could fly in from Seattle. Then we had Heather subtract out the Saturdays she had to work (which has changed now with her change to pool- no assigned Saturdays!). Then Naureen subtracted out the Saturdays that Kevin is on duty. We were left with a choice of 2 Saturdays, so we had Juliette pick one. She picked the 15, as it is the furtherest one from the wedding. The party is not a surprise.

It'll be a short visit for Manda and Ben. They get in Friday night at dinnertime, and leave Sunday late afternoon. We haven't seen them since March! 

This week is Kevin and Naureen's anniversary! 

I was having trouble with my glasses, so new lenses were ordered in July. They finally came in. They made my eyes hurt so much that I called the next day. When they checked, two things were off on the lenses, so they're sending them back and getting the correct ones.

Manda is going to run a marathon! I'm so impressed! She started a program called "From couch potato to 5K" and she's doing great. There's an exercise room at her apartment complex, and she uses the treadmill, or she runs trails near her. And Ben's company has a program where if they walk 10,000 steps they get awards. From what he says, the company is so spread out that he almost makes the steps at work, and when he doesn't, they take a walk at night to finish up the numbers. 

And now I'm off to get some laundry started. Always fun.

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