Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home again!

After two weeks away, I'm home with my new right knee! I had no cold symptoms at the hospital, so the surgery was done. It took less than 2 hours! I understand it's a very bloody surgery, another reason that I didn't want to watch one on you-tube. 

I had a dressing from thigh to foot, which got annoying real fast. It was on til Saturday morning. Wednesday was a space in and out day. Thursday I couldn't stay awake, and I realized why when they said they substituted another beta blocker for one of my meds. I refused that, and my head cleared and I woke up by the end of Thursday. I had a nerve block that kept the knee mostly pain free for the first 24 hours, then I was on morphine, which I only used once. Vicodin was the drug of choice for the pain. 

Physical Therapy got me upright on Thursday, but I felt like I would vomit, so they put me right back down. Friday I was able to get up to a commode with assistance and a walker, and PT walked me about 8 feet in the morning, and about 15 feet later. 

Saturday PT showed me how to move my dead weight leg in the bed, and I walked about 30 feet with the walker. I felt like I did so much! Saturday evening I was transferred to rehab 

Sunday I was evaluated by PT at the rehab, and was able to walk to the bathroom with the walker. PT really wanted me to wait for an aide, but as I told them, I'd put on the light, go the the bathroom, and be back in bed before anyone showed up to help. 

I worked hard in PT and OT. As I told them, I was there to be able to get out, not to screw around. I did everything they instructed me to. I could see daily improvements. Yesterday they said I might be able to get a few more rehab days, but I was ready to come home. I will get home PT and OT til I can easily transport to outpatient. 

The outer part of my leg started out one big bruise, which is now mostly resolved. The 29 staples came out yesterday, and I can get it wet tomorrow. It still feels like there is a tight band around my knee area, and that area is hypersensistive to the touch. I have to work on flexion and extention. I can flex better than extend at this point. 

I'm so glad to be home~

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Marge Gordon said...

Welcome home and DON'T over do it!