Thursday, July 19, 2012

Postop Day 22

Angela the PT was here today. She asked if I was ready to try using the cane. Yes! I did good with it, so she said I can alternate the cane and walker as I feel like.

I did the full set of exercises under Angela's supervision. The swelling continues to go down, and I can get more flexion. She didn't measure, but thinks I'm at about 95%, with the goal being 115-120%. Flexion makes me wince, but extension makes me go "uh." To have a normal gait, I need both full flexion and full extension. It'll come.

I expressed concern about getting into the car, and she told me to lift the leg while sitting down, and ease it over to the right- the motion I would use to get into the driver's seat. It'll be another 3-4 weeks before I can drive, but I'll need to get into the car by myself to do so. 

I was actually able to lay on my stomach for a few minutes last night. Not long enough to go to sleep, but it's a start. 

Angela will be here again tomorrow, and Monday. She gave me names of local PT places, and will discharge me to outpatient PT around August 1. 

They keep saying rain and thunderstorms. It's down to 94 out, and no storms yet, tho it's overcast out. Cliffie can't decide if she wants to be in the house or on the porch, so she goes in and out. Ralph worked outside briefly this morning, before it got too hot. 

Heather and the kids are on their way up to visit. It's so great having them back in Jersey! 

And the beat goes on!

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