Thursday, July 26, 2012

Postop Day 29

I had a crown on the bottom left molar, since 1999. My jaw was feeling a little funny, and when I touched the crown, it felt spongy- not a good thing. I called the dentist, who was closed yesterday, and went in this morning. The crown was so loose that they were able to lift it off. The tooth underneath was in terrible shape, and needs to be extracted. Some things I don't do awake, so I'm going to see the oral surgeon this afternoon for extraction. Because of my new knee, I need to be premedicated before dental work. 

Tuesday I had a doctor's appt, and we went to Olive Garden afterward for a late lunch. I filled up on salad, and brought the pasta home and had it for lunch yesterday. 

I'm supposed to be walking laps with the cane to build up endurance. Yesterday I did two laps and had to stop. Angela was due to come today, and I had to cancel her due to dentist appointments. I'm pretty good about doing my exercises. I might not do them all at once, but I do them. She'll be here tomorrow morning. 

I'm starting to sleep a little better. I slept last night from 11 til 2, was up til 3, and slept til 6. My foot is still swollen enough to be annoying. 

I'm able to put my leg up on the ottoman in the sewing room, and keep it up longer and longer. It needs to be stretched out often. And the last two times I've gotten in the car, I haven't used the leg lifter! So I'm definately making progress! 

And so it goes!

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