Monday, July 23, 2012

Postop Day 26

Angela the PT was here today. We went outside and worked on going down the steps with the cane. She wanted me to go down left foot first, and I couldn't do it. I can do it if I'm holding on to the rail with both hands, but not while holding with one hand. I could barely go down right (new knee) first. 

Then she had me lay with my legs hanging off the bed from the knees down, and she bent the new knee. It did OK, and when she let the legs hang, I could feel the pull. I also made an appointment to start outpatient PT next week. 

Angela said that no matter how many exercises I do, and no matter how much walking inside I do, I'll improve faster when I'm out and about. So we went to Applebee's for dinner! Of course I had to ice the knee and elevate it when I got home! But I was able to get the new knee leg into the car without using the leg lifter! Progress is definitely being made, slow and steady!

One of my internet friends told me to keep reminding myself that I had major surgery less than four weeks ago. I emailed today's knee picture to Amanda, who was amazed that it looked so good. It's just a scar now, now bruising, no staple marks, no scabs. 

We skyped with Manda, Ben and Kitten. Ben napped thru a lot of the conversation, and Kitten kept trying to cuddle with him. Cliffie also had a lot to say during the conversation. 

Tomorrow Sharon comes to clean, and I see the cardiologist in the afternoon. Next Monday, July 30, is the cardiac ablation for the afib. I think I'm missing the summer! 

I've been reading the latest Virgin River books on the Nook. I'm at least 6 books behind. I finally caught up on all the TV shows from the regular season that I had on the DVR. I watched the season finale of NCIS last night- what a cliffhanger! Now I'll start watching the summer series that I've DVR'd. 

And now I'm off to bed!

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