Monday, July 16, 2012

Postop Day 19

Not much new today. I did my PT exercises, and the home care nurse was here. She asked if I thought I really needed to be seen by a nurse- not really. So she discharged me from nursing services. I'll just be receiving PT services now, which is fine. 

The incision looks good, and the leg is much less swollen. Hopefully the foot's swelling will be next to disappear. I can move the knee more by the day. I'll feel like I'm making no progress, and get really discouraged, then sort of look back at the progress I have been making. 

Today I only took one nap, and it was short- about 15 minutes. I try to lay down to elevate the foot every time I do the exercises. 

Yesterday I talked to my friend Franny, who is also part of the walking wounded. Today my friend Pat called from Florida, so we caught up. Manda called tonight, so I talked to her for a long time. She and Ben were in Nebraska for a wedding, so I heard all about the house Polly and Randy are moving to. 

Tomorrow I go for the bloodwork for the cardiac ablation, which is scheduled for July 30. I'll be glad to have that done and over with. 

So life at the moment consists of PT exercises, reading, catching up on TV shows on the DVR, talking on the phone, and a little crocheting. Could be worse.


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