Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I sneezed all weekend. Yesterday I had a runny nose all day, and last night I started coughing. I was up and down all night. This morning I sounded terrible, so I called the surgical scheduler. We decided to wait and see. By 3 p.m.after sleeping all day, I sounded and felt somewhat better.
The ortho said our choices were to either postpone (which would be at least 2 weeks, with next week being July 4), or come in tomorrow and let anesthesia decide. I chose that option. So I have to be there at 0630. If it had been a one week delay, I would have chosen that immediately, but two weeks bumps everything else back. So we'll see. 

So I'm almost all packed. Two duffles, one for the hospital, one for rehab. The baby kindle has a bunch of books on it, and the iPad will come up with Ralph Thursday or Friday. 

My mom asked if I'll sleep tonight. Who knows? 


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