Friday, July 27, 2012

Ack- tooth update

After seeing that I have a history of afib, the oral surgeon would not do general anesthesia. He was right, of course, but I wasn't happy. It worked out fine, the novacaine stopped any pain, and I didn't have to deal with anesthesia issues. It took about 15 minutes for remove the shell of the tooth and the roots. I had to come home with gauze in my mouth for almost an hour, but the bleeding was scant. I was able to eat cottage cheese for dinner. I iced my jaw for a couple of hours off and on. It's still sore, but bearable. 

The dentist said anyone with a joint implant has to be premedicated with an antibiotic before any dental procedure, especially cleaning. I never got discharge instructions from ortho at the hospital, since I was being transferred to rehab, but that was never mentioned that either Ralph or I could remember.

I emailed my nephew Joseph, who has a hip replacement as a result of a car crash when he was 21. He said when he got his wisdom teeth removed, the oral surgeon had him premedicate, but he'd never heard of doing it before dental work.

Then I remembered my hospital years. Generally, the ortho's loved ortho, and consulted medicine for everything else. So maybe the ortho's figure the dentists will take care of it. 

I spoke briefly to Heather on her way home. She's got some job changes going on that will let her be off Thanksgiving, Xmas Eve, Xmas, NY Eve, and NY Day! She's very excited, and I'm delighted for her and Ed. Here's a rant- when other professions, like police, work holidays, they make double or even triple time. Nurses only get time and a half, which is not enough to make me want to work any holiday. Hospitals give a lot of lip service to valuing nurses, but they don't put their money where their mouth is. 

Monday is the ablation for my afib. I have my instructions as to meds, but I've been too distracted with everything else to think about it much. Good thing, because it's a scary procedure. I'll be glad when it's over. 

PT comes today, and it will probably be my last in home session. I start outpatient PT next Thursday. I only did a few of my exercises today, with the trips to the dentist and oral surgeon. I did go up and down the steps twice, in and out of the car, and some walking, so it wasn't a lost day altogether. 

We had a thunderstorm, and I slept thru most of it. I woke up needing pain meds, for my knee and jaw. It should take effect soon, so back to bed!


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