Thursday, July 30, 2009

This and That

What a week it's been! Monday was the visit to the attorney. Tuesday was the dentist- what I was afraid was an abscess is an infection, so I'm on an antibiotic. Wednesday I ran a bunch of errands.

This morning was the eye doctor, and new glasses and sunglasses ordered. Then to lunch with Ralph and his Mom. Later, dinner and good conversation with my friend Roseanne. When I got home there was a message from my physician (labs were last week) that I need to take a lot of Vitamin D.

Tomorrow I have a whole list of errands to do (including buying some Vitamin D), and in the evening I'm getting together with my Cookie Swap group- no cookies involved.

Tonight I finally spent some time in the sewing room. I just haven't felt like it since we got back from NC, but tonight I got to it. I made a pillowcase for Eddie from the leftovers of his curtain valance, and made a cushion cover for Heather's bench from fabric she had picked up at MaryJo's Fabric Store in NC. It really felt good to get some sewing done.

I've done a little crocheting this week. I started an afghan for Eddie, out of some leftover and some bought yarn- single sized, just double crochet stripes. Greens, blue, purple, varigated, a little yellow for some punch. It'll be nice and warm for him to curl up under.

Now that Miss Millie is an only cat, she's being a pain. Frenzy always slept with us, and Mills slept on the couch. Now she's started galluping into our room at 0400, walking on us and scratching at the sheets- she thinks we should leap up and feed her. Today I got so annoyed I put her out of the room and closed the door. Tonight I'm going to close the door when I go to bed, and see how that works.

Two weeks from tomorrow is our Alaska cruise! Manda, Steph, my friend Linda and I are cruising out of Seattle, and I'm nervous and excited. It'll be my longest plane ride so far, and I've never cruised before. Manda and Steph are planning kayaking and mountain climbing excursions, I'm more the trolley tour type, with my knee issues.

It's been a typical NJ July week- hot, humid, and thundershowers. At least (knock on wood) our power hasn't gone out.

And the beat goes on!

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