Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4

Dad's stone is finally in! Big Mike and Jacob are going to put flags on the graves today. Putting pix of gravestones on my blog may seem strange, but I thought it was appropriate for July 4.

I'm not a big grave visitor. When Mom and I were there to see if the stone had been placed, it was the first that we'd visited the grave. Donna and Jake have been there a few times, and Manda and Steph were there last year. I don't need to be in the cemetery to talk to Dad and Pop. For years, every time I drove by there I'd wave to Pop.

Dad rode his bike in the town's July 4 parade every year. To Dad, Memorial Day and July 4 were two of the most important holidays.

Ralph is working today- unfortunately, the ER never closes. Since he went part time, he rotates thru the "summer" holidays- Memorial Day, July4, Labor Day and Thanksgiving. The "winter holidays" of Christmas Eve and Day, and New Years Eve and Day, he still has to work an eve and a day.

I did nothing quilty yesterday! I needed a break from Orange Crush, after sewing together the 40 star blocks. I did watch a little Tv and crochet last night.


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Sherry said...

Me too. I don't visit cemeteries to visit with my relatives. I go to check on the maintenance or to take photos of old markers/monuments.

I have a brother who visits Daddy's grave regularly. He kinda fussed at me one day. I told him Daddy was too big a man to be held to earth by a hole in the ground. He's walking on clouds now.

After moving from the area a dozen years ago, every time we came back I made sure to take Son (he was 12 when his dad died) to his dad's grave and we changed out flowers. He finally told me. "I know Daddy's not here. We don't have to keep doing this."