Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, this is a big pain!

Our PC is sick! It was fine yesterday morning, then it locked up. Ralph has been running all kinds of diagnositic scans to figure out what the problem is, with no luck so far. It could be the hard drive, it could be a virus. Only the fact that I have this laptop is keeping me somewhat sane.

I need my computer! It has all my addresses, my usual sites, my full keyboard! I don't know how to put pix on this blog with the laptop! We just hooked up the wireless mouse to the laptop, because the touch screen is such a pain (and I'm so not used to it!)

Someone on the message boards asked which we could do without, our computer or our sewing machine. Neither! I'm totally dependent on both! When I'm off, I go between one and the other all day long.

On a happy note, the cruise tickets came! Yay! And we've got the car partially packed for our journey to NC tomorrow. Ed and Heather have a computer, of course, so I can be in touch with my world. And I'm taking my Janome Jem, because I'm adjusting some curtains for them.


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jillquilts said...

EW! I would need both, too. I'm the same way! I hope that the big computer gets well for you!!