Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Planning a wedding shower

This is the room at Scotland Run that the shower will be held in. That's Mom at the table, and the use of the centerpieces is included. The linens will be white, as shown. The room is a nice size.
The room overlooks the gold course, and if it's warm enough the guests can go on the terrace. The shower will be in March 2010, and it'll be a brunch shower.
Manda has to pick the color of the napkins. We're not even trying to surprise her, since she's coming from Houston, Polly (her future Mom in law) is coming from Nebraska, and Heather is coming from North Carolina.

Mom and I checked out the room and made the deposit yesterday, then we had lunch with Donna and Jacob.

It seems so quiet here since Steph took Toast to the new apartment. Ralph and I keep joking about who's turn it is to take the dog out. Since Toast can't do steps anymore, due to her back issues, taking her out involves carrying her down and up the steps.

On a quilting note, I'm up to step 4 of Orange Crush. By the time I get to the next step, I have to decide if I'm using Orange as the accent color, or changing it.

Today's plan- work on step 4, go to the library then drop off Mom's books to her, work on step 4 some more.


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