Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scones and fabric and patterns

Heather, Julianna and I shopped at World Market and we bought packages of scone mix. Heather made raspberry ones while we were there. This morning I made buttermilk scones. Kinda like a biscuit, not too sweet- really good. For this package, I only had to add milk and oil.
I was lucky enough to get Nora Roberts new book at the library. I started it yesterday, and didn't get much else done!
I bought this pattern. If Manda likes it, it may be what Julianna wears as flower girl in the wedding, color to be decided. I like the long version, but we'll see what the bride likes.
I gave up on counting fabric bought and used! This was 2 trips to Joann's, and a lot of coupons- I used mine, and some of Mom's. On the left is 4 sundresses for Heather- the fabric is shirred, and I only have to sew the seam and make straps. Behind it is flannel for a nightshirt for Julie, and cotton for aprons for Heather. On the right, on the top, is what will be a mermaid and princess sundress for Julianna- I'll probably not make them til spring. Under that is a bunch of patterns from a new line of M'Liss Ray fabric, all wedding based. I have to find a pattern I like to use it.
Here's the pattern I got for the nightshirt for Julianna. I like the pink one on the lower left- it looks a lot like the one she has, that I just shortened the sleeves for. The flannel I bought is lightweight, so she can wear it anytime.

Of course, now I have to stop fooling around, and get to it!


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Quiltbug said...

Our granddaughter was married 2 weeks ago and a 2 year old granddaughter was the flower girl. I think she wore the dress in the pattern - with the flounces. It was spectacular. If you want I could send you a photo so the bride can see what the dress would look like on a little girl.