Sunday, June 28, 2009

The last weekend in June

June is almost over, and we're just starting our summer vacation!

Yesterday Ralph and I went to some yard sales, the first we've gone to all year. He got a huge drill press, a shredder, and some odds and ends. I got a surprise for Manda, a surprise for Heather, (they both read this blog), a set of steps for the dog (the lady who sold them said her dog was too dumb to use them- we'll see if Toast is smart enough) and some books for Jake.

Last night Ralph, Steph and I met Barbara and John at Cracker Barrel for dinner. Barbara buys blueberries by the 10 pound box, and I'd asked her to get one for me and one for Mom. Cracker Barrel is about midway between us, so we tend to meet there. After dinner I came home and bagged the blueberries and put them in the freezer. Gorgeous, huge, beautiful blueberries!

Steph says she is taking Toast home to the new apartment today. Toast has been here since the first week of May- we call her the Timeshare Dog. Right now she's sleeping on the couch behind me. She's such good company, except that as soon as I start to do something, she decides she has to go out.

Heather and Ed have settlement tomorrow- crossing fingers here for them. We go see them and the new new house in two weeks. The old new house was very nice, but no usuable yard, and other issues.

Goals for the week- check out the golf club for Manda's shower, work on Orange Crush, and make appts for the dentist and eye doc.

And the beat goes on!

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