Thursday, January 28, 2010

The week is winding down

Made it thru another one! Tomorrow is Friday, payday, and time to do the end of the month reports. It's supposed to go down in the teens tonight, and only up to the low 30's tomorrow. Hopefully it at least stays clear.

Linda B's funeral is Saturday, and her daughter invited me to the memorial luncheon afterward. Linda will be buried next to her parents and her daughter that died at age 8. Her surviving daughter wrote the most beautiful obituary- it made me cry to read it. Tomorrow would have been Linda's 57th birthday- I had included her when I wrote the January birthdays. Linda was one of the friends that wandered in and out of my life since high school, and that journey has been cut too short.

I finished the newest Coffehouse Mystery, and the newest in the McKenzie series. Now I'm reading a series by Frederick Ramsey about Ike Schwartz, sheriff in a small town in Virginia. I read the newest one first, now I'm starting at the beginning. In between, I read the new Jayne Krentz and the new J.A. Jance, from the library.

Miss Millie's bloodwork came back fine, so she doesn't have any thyroid issues. That doesn't explain why she's eating everything that's not nailed down, and not gaining weight. She's attached herself to Ralph- everytime he sits or lays down, she's right there.

I finished the quilt top that I've been piecing, but I can't put up a picture since it's to be a gift. And I'm working on another that I can't describe, for the same reason. I'm also still crocheting away at Julianna's afghan, which is about half finished.

And the beat goes on!


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