Sunday, January 3, 2010


The year is starting out cold- it's 21 out! Last night when I took a shower, I could hear the toilet gurgling, which has never happened before. Ralph went investigating, and the septic was full. That was strange, since we'd had it pumped out in December. But then again we had 22 inches of snow melt, plus rain. So in the bitter cold last night, he hooked up a hose and pumped off some of the liquid into the woods.

But he thinks it's got a clog where the big pipe dumps into the septic. So now he's looking for the long drain snake. He thought maybe it was at his brother's, but no luck. He's out searching the garage now.

Manda and Ben are back in Houston. She's glad to be back where it's warm and no snow.

In 2009 I read 153 books. 31 were mine, and the rest from the library. My goal was to read 50 of my own books, so I didn't make it. Right now I'm reading two series- the MacKenzie series by David Housewright, and the Coffeehouse Mystery series by Cleo Coyle. I also keep track of what I've read by using Shelfari, which shows on the right side of my blog.

I started out 2009 by keeping track of fabric bought and used, but that fizzled out. I've concluded that when I see fabric I love, I'm going to buy it. Eventually a project will come along that's perfect for the fabric.

I'm better at not buying yarn, because I don't crochet as much as quilt. Eddie's afghan is finished, and Julianna's is well on the way. After hers, I'll get started on the donation one I always make for the Farm Fair Raffle. Crocheting is more mindless, so I'll do it while I'm watching TV.

2010 looks like it'll be a busy year. Manda's bridal shower will be in March, and the wedding will be in June. I won't get to MQX this year, because it's not over Easter break, so we may go to NC for part of that week. In August we want to go to Williamsburg, and in November to the Houston Quilt Show.

My big goal is to get it in gear and get some of the flimsies quilted, so they can be moved to the done list!

And so it goes!

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