Saturday, January 23, 2010

Short work week

It was nice having Monday off- it made the week fly by. On Monday my friend Barbara came down and we watched the movie Steel Magnolias. It's her favorite movie, and I'd never seen it. The message of the movie was that your strong woman friends will be there for you thru happy times and sad. It was a bit of a tearjerker- Julia Roberts dies in it. And it was strange seeing SallyField playing Julia Roberts mother- will Sally ever age? Barbara knitted and I crocheted while we watched the movie, and afterward Barbara helped me pick a border for the lap quilt I'm working on.

Thursday morning I got a sad email. Linda B, who I'd been friends with since 7th grade, died. Her daughter emailed me. We'd been in sporadic contact for several years, and tried to meet every summer for lunch. Last summer we didn't get around to it, and she'd stopped answering emails. I just figured she was busy, and I knew her health wasn't the greatest. I was shocked to get the email, and very sad. I'm waiting to hear back when her funeral is, or if they're even having one.

With Heather and Ed being in NC now, we're long distance grandparents. One of the things we do is send packages to the family. Last week Steph and I went to the Christmas Tree store, and got some Valentine's Day things, which Ralph packed up and mailed for me. Today Heather called and Julianna got on the phone and said Thank You! The kids love to get packages. Heather said when they were looking at the things we sent, that Eddie said that Grammy and Poppop must really love them! Yep, we sure do! And we now allow money for postage and plane (and train) tickets!

We're getting into bridal shower mode for Manda. The place is booked, and Steph is working on invitations. Ben's Mom, Polly, is coming for the shower! The shower will be a brunch shower, and I'm hoping it's a lot of fun for all involved.

Ralph is working today, so I need to get it in gear and get sewing! Goal for the day is to get the borders on the small quilt.

And the beat goes on!

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