Thursday, February 4, 2010

The snow is coming!

It looks to be a big storm coming- 12 to 20 inches, starting tomorrow afternoon. We're as ready as we can be- I went to the food store for Mom and for us, took Mom some library books, we have plenty of cat food on hand.

This past week hasn't been good. Linda B's funeral was Saturday. Her daughter spoke about Linda, and I think everyone cried. It was nice to meet Megan and her fiancee, and to see Linda's brother and a lot of her cousins that I haven't seen in years. Linda and I were super close thru high school, and after graduation she married and moved away, then divorced and moved back with her two little girls. Anna died as a child from Reye's Syndrome, a month after my Manda was born.

We were in sporadic contact for years and years, and now I'm so regretful that we didn't see more of each other. Work and family kept us both busy, but we each knew the other was only a phone call away. Now Megan has to pack up her Mom's whole life and do something with it. There's a task I don't envy! And it's not something anyone can do for her, because decisions have to be made that only she can make.

It's February! Manda and Steph are both back in school, for their final semester before Steph gets her bachelor's and Manda gets her master's. This month is my birthday, and Doris D's. Ralph is remodeling the hall bathroom. Today he took out the old tub, vanity, and toilet.

And the beat goes on! No pix this post, I have to get busy and take some.


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