Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's just a little warmer- it was in the upper 20's this morning, which is better than the teens!

We had a rocky start to the week with the Moms. Mom Florence had heating issues, which luckily were easily solved.

Mom Mary Jane had a corneal abrasion which necessitated a Sunday night ER visit. Luckily she was Fast Tracked, and we were there and back in two hours. She had to have drops in her eyes every two hours for a week and see the optho today. We thought we'd have to take turns taking days off to do the drops, but she's able to do them herself. And nephew Joseph was able to take her to the optho, since his college doesn't go back til next week.

Steph went to an open house at St. Joseph's University in Philly, where she wants to get her Master's in Fire Science and Public Safety Administration. When the admissions officer found out that Steph has a 3.8 average at Holy Family (but can't graduate with honors- colleges suck) she told Steph that the only way Steph wouldn't be welcomed at St. Joe's would be if Steph murders someone between now and August.

We were afraid we were going to have wedding shower date issues because of Ben's job (when did the grooms start staying at showers anyway? It's just recent, since Heather and Ed got married) but the issue was pretty much resolved and we're going with the original date.

I've been working on a cute quilt that I'm not ready to show yet. It needs borders, and tonight I was too tired to look for fabric that will work. I came home and took a long nap, which is why I'm up now on a work night.

And the beat goes on!

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Amanda said...

I think it's as much that Ben is not Ed. He says he's only doing this once so wants to experience everything about it!