Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another dreary Sunday!

About 40 out, and a cold rain. Ick. A good day to stay in and be glad it's not snow! I went out for a while, to Joann's Fabrics. I needed backing fabric, and of course found some other fabric that I needed. I was planning to food shop today, but that can be put off til tomorrow, when it's hopefully not raining.

Yesterday Steph and I went to the Christmas Tree Shoppe and to lunch. Then we went to the bookstore and she went to the shoe store. Then we went to a new shop called Sprinkles. It's self serve soft serve yogurt- they have 14 flavors. You're given a bowl and you get as much of as many as you want- I got strawberry, vanilla and birthday cake. Then there's a big selection of toppings- I had blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and sprinkles. It cost 45 cents per ounce. And they give you a glass of water with the yogurt.

I'm on the last of the Cleo Coyle Coffeehouse mysteries, "Holiday Grind". I've been enjoying them a lot. I had the first 4 in paperback, and got the last 3 from the library. I'm watching the second season of Big Bang Theory, which I got for Christmas. It's hysterical! I don't usually like sitcoms, because I don't find the so-called humor to be funny, but this one I like. It's full of science and scifi jokes.

While watching the DVD's, I've been crocheting on Julianna's afghan. It's coming along nicely. It's stripes of lilac, pink, blue, cream, light sage, and a variegated. It's a simple double crochet, only picking up the back loop, so it goes fast- about 20 minutes per row. Nice, mindless crocheting.

Ralph went to work yesterday and today. He's feeling a lot better, so it must have been something viral. Mom Mary Jane finished up her course of anitbiotic eyedrops.

I've been reading a lot of blogs, and many of them are by women who either longarm quilt to earn money, or are not gainfully employed. I was starting to feel sorry for myself, for having to trudge off to work everyday. I really could entertain myself nicely if I was home all the time. Plenty of fabric, books, and yarn. But no one is going to pay me to stay home, and the end really is in sight- five more years and I can retire with a decent pension and SS and benefits. By then Ralph will already be retired, and we can move to NC to be close to Heather, Ed and the kids, and be a bigger part in the kids lives. By then Manda and Ben may have kids, and hopefully will be living somewhere they like, so we can go on road trips to visit them. Steph doesn't plan to stay in NJ after she gets her master's, so we won't be abandoning her. She may possibly also move to NC.

And the beat goes on!


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