Monday, January 4, 2010

Anniversaries Happy and Sad

Today is the anniversary of two events that are very important to my family.

Eight years ago today, Heather and Ed got married. It was a lovely wedding, with Manda and Stephanie as bridesmaid and maid of honor and Ed's Dad as Best Man. We were (and still are) delighted to have Ed as a part of our family. We were fortunate that all four of Heather's grandparents were living and able to attend the wedding. I assigned my sister in law Donna to be the official family crier, because I knew I'd be too busy. Donna did a magnificent job!

Five years ago today, Ralph's Dad died. Rocco hadn't been entirely well for several years, then he broke his hip and went downhill rapidly. His last wish was to be taken home. Mom Florence enlisted Hospice, and Rocco came home the evening of January 3. He didn't seem aware of his surroundings, but I'm convinced that on some level he knew he was home and safe and could let go, and he passed peacefully a couple of hours later. Rocco was a man who loved his family and adored his grandchildren, and he is missed.

So Happy Anniversary to Ed and Heather, and Rocco we miss you!


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