Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

2009 is over! Steph and I started out the year by visiting Heather, Ed and the kids in their mountain home in NC, over Inaugeration weekend.
In March, we had Julianna's 2nd birthday party along with Mom Mary Jane's birthday party. Julie was born on Mom's birthday!
In April I flew to Texas to meet Ben's mom, Polly and his Aunt Judy. Also in April, Ralph and I went to Manchester, NH for MQX.
In the spring Ralph put in our fountain on the new patio.
He got a lot done using his new tractor. Working 2 shifts a week rather than 3 made a world of difference for him.
Ben's family went to England to celebrate his parents' 25th anniversary, so Manda came home for her 28th birthday. Sadly, Frenzy died while she was at home.
Heather, Ed and the kids came for a visit, and Steph and Julianna posed.
Tori turned 13! She's almost as tall as Dad Kevin, and much prettier!
Ralph and I drove down to see Heather and Ed's new, new house, the one not on a mountain. It's a great house, and the yard is much more usable.
Manda, Steph, Linda Githens and I went on an Alaskan cruise! We loved it!
Manda, Steph and I flew to NC in September for Eddie's 6th birthday. He's in grade 1!
Steph added Whiskey to her little family. We're so proud of her!
We ended up the year with the December blizzard of 22 inches, and the trip to Omaha. It was quite an eventful year!

Happy New Year!


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