Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bonus Day Off!

After working two whole days, we're off today for Three Kings Day. It's supposedly a big holiday in the district where I work, tho I've never found a kid who celebrates it. But it was nice to sleep in a little.

It's so cold! The high today is 30! Even for January, this is ridiculous. And the wind is terrible. But at least (knock wood) we don't have snow. I took Mom to get her EKG and BP done, then we went out to lunch, which is always nice. One of our favorite places to go is called The Carriage House. It's got a glass enclosed back porch (yes, it's heated!) overlooking a pond. We very rarely see men there- it's definitely a ladies hang out. My mom always refers to it as "The Old Ladies Home". The food is always good, and they have an herbal iced tea that I always get.

I was kind of planning to do some other errands, but it's just too cold out. Ralph is working- the ER is moving from one space to another, so that's sure to be total chaos. So I'm going to hang out here in the warm, and be glad that I don't live in the Midwest, where they're getting snow again.

And now to throw some laundry in the washer!


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