Friday, January 1, 2010

A quiet New Year's Eve

Stephanie and her friend Mike were going to AC on the train last night to see a group called Jimmy Eats World, so our granddogs came to stay with us. Whiskey is very afraid of loud noises, so Steph didn't want to leave him alone at her apartment. Plus she knew they'd be late getting home.
Both dogs are world class snugglers. The dogs and I were in bed before 11. There was a little discussion about who slept where- they usually sleep one on each side of Steph, and I was on my side of the bed. When she's here, Toast sleeps near the top of the bed between the pillows, and she wasn't giving up that spot.
They don't really have demon eyes- something with my flash does it. Whiskey very industriously took the noisemaker and most of the stuffing out of his toy before settling down with me. Of course the idiots who insist on shooting at midnight woke us up, but we were back to sleep by 12.30.

When Steph came in at 0300, she woke all four of us up. The dogs were glad to see her, but not thrilled that she hauled them out from under the covers and took them home.

Happy New Year from Holly, Ralph, Steph, Toast, Whiskey and Miss Millie!

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