Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holly and Heather's Excellent Adventure

The day after Christmas Heather arrived at Charlotte, NC airport, and I arrived at Philly airport. Both our planes were delayed an hour, due to the planes coming in late from snowy places. We met up in Minneapolis for our flight to Omaha. We barely made it- 2/3 of the passengers had boarded when we got to the gate! Minneapolis airport is huge!
The flight from Minneapolis to Omaha is only 48 minutes long, and the Omaha airport is small. Ben and his Dad, Randy, picked us up. The Midwest blizzard had just ended that morning, and the roads were pretty awful, but they got us to their house. You can see how deep their snow was! It was great to see Ben and Manda, meet Randy and Ben's sister Becca, and meet Polly again.
Monday Polly took me to 3 quilt shops, then we met up with the kids at a resturant called Heartlands. They had a display of a gingerbread village of Whoville (from the Grinch Stole Christmas).
We had a nice lunch that started out with a shared fondue appetizer. It was the first time I'd had fondue, ever. The menu was like a book, and it was so hard to choose!
To backtrack, Sunday was Manda and Ben's wedding shower. Polly's friend Pat and her daughter Kim were the hostesses. They have a wonderful finished basement. Because of the blizzard cleanup, only about a dozen people were able to get to the shower. We had delicious food, and Heather had saved her shower veil, so we put it on Manda.

They got lovely gifts, and a lot of gift cards. This is a bamboo cutting board. Ben's friend Kyle and Kyle's wife Danielle are on the couch with them. Kyle will be the Best Man at the wedding.
Ben's dad gave him a set of wrenches.
Polly and Randy gave them Hawaii honeymoon clothes!

Monday night we got a mini tour of Omaha, which seems like a nice city, and had dinner downtown at the Spaghetti Factory. Yesterday morning Heather and I flew home via Chicago. It was Heather's birthday, and she was eager to get home to Ed, Eddie and Julianna. A couple hours after we left, Becca flew out to Seattle to visit family and her boyfriend.

Last night Manda called me with wonderful news. Ben's family's family cat, Quincy, had been missing since November 1. He was an indoor/outdoor cat. They'd been searching, and checking with the Humane Society every couple of days. Last night they got a phone call.

Quincy had shown up at a lady's door, and she'd fed him, then taken him in at the first snow. Yesterday she decided to check with the humane society to see if anyone was looking for him. Luckily, he was chipped, so they wanded him and called Polly.

So Quincy is now home safe and sound, and has lost his outdoor privileges. Ben and Manda continue their visit til Saturday, then fly back to Houston and Kitten.

And the beat goes on!


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