Sunday, February 28, 2010

February is ending!

We spent a quiet weekend. The dogs were happy to curl up with me while I finished up Julianna's afghan.
Whiskey wears his fleece that his Aunt Pat gave him all the time- he's cold.
He decided to sit in this basket that's in the doorway. If you click, it'll enlarge and you can see him better. I was in my stylish weekend at home attire.
Finished! This will be one of Julianna's birthday gifts. It's twin bed sized, and should last forever. I love the soft colors.
My Nook!
So tomorrow is March 1. Frank's birthday, and Rita's Water Ice opens, snow or no snow! We still have about a foot of lingering snow in places. And the weatherpeople are threatening more snow towards the end of the week! Enough already with the snow!
March 3 Mom has her 80th birthday, and Julianna will be 3. Mom and I sent gifts home with Heather so she'll have presents to open on her birthday. Big Mike's birthday is March 31st, so we begin and end March with brothers' birthdays.
We talked to Steph last night, and she's having a wonderful time at Sugarbush, Vermont. She should be on the bus to come home around now, and should get home around midnight. She'll come get the dog pack tomorrow after work.
I haven't done any sewing this weekend, since I've had Whiskey attached to me. But I got the afghan finished!
I read 11 books in February, ten from the library and one of mine. We put the HQ16 back in it's place, so I can get some of the flimsies quilted and on the "done, done" list.
Ralph's back is feeling a lot better, but still not good. He's moving very carefully. Luckily, he's off til Thursday so he can continue to rest.
And the beat goes on!


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Laura said...

Love all the cute pet pics and that afghan is beautiful! Sounds like you had a really productive February.