Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday Weekend

We started to have some melting, which led to this huge icicle forming. To knock it down, Ralph has to shovel a path across the deck! Saturday night was a shocker! We got to Sharon's for Zach's party, and I walked into her kitchen, and was greeted by the surprise guests!
Heather, Ed, Eddie and Julianna came up from NC for a long weekend! Everyone but me knew it- I was speechless! I said something totally dumb, like "How did you get here?"
They had gotten up on Thursday night, and visited friends Friday and Saturday. They got to Sharon's really early, so the kids could all play before the party.
Eddie was giving me his serious face while eating cake. The whole group sang four times- once for Zach, once for Jim, once for me, and once for Mrs. Doone.
Cousins Heather, Naureen and Steph got to visit. There was a lot of wedding shower talk!
Mackenzie let Grandpop Frank feed her birthday cake.
Julianna got changed into her jammies. Heather and Ed and the kids stayed over at Jim and Sharons.
Sunday we met up with Mike, Donna and Jake at my Mom's, then we headed out to Christmas Tree shoppe and other stores, then out to lunch. While we were out, I spent 2 years of Christmas and birthday money and bought a Nook at Barnes & Nobles. Ralph and I were researching, as to whether to get the Nook or the Kindle. The Nook won, for me. I got it registered online, and played with it a little last night, but I need to watch some tutorials- mainly, I can't figure out how to backspace when using the keyboard, and I was really getting frustrated with it.

Ed and Heather are visiting with his family today, and will either head back today or tomorrow. We'll see them in a month, when they come up for Ed's race and Manda's shower. It was a wonderful visit!

And the beat goes on!

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