Thursday, February 11, 2010

And more snow!

Yesterday was deja vu all over again! Ralph left for work at 0400, and made it in, tho the roads were extremely sloppy. It snowed, and snowed. Light snow, heavy snow, wet snow- you can see it on the trees across the street.
There really is a road there, under all the snow! The Boro did a good job- they probably plowed 3 times during the day.
The tree branches and wires were really getting covered, and I was getting worried.
There is a basement door roof with an overhang, and you can see the snow outside the window on the overhang roof. I sewed, watched TV, and read.
The trees really did look pretty.
There really is a driveway under all that snow!
I was looking out Steph's window at the garage. Then at 6 pm the power blinked and went out. Mom Mary Jane is on the other side of the main street of our town, and it's rare that we both lose power at the same time. We did this time. Mom Florence in the next town had power, as did Steph. I called Ralph at work, after lighting some candles and the battery lantern. It rapidly got chilly in the house, and I bundled up. They let Ralph leave a little early, and he got home around 8. He got the truck in the yard, but couldn't get all the way in the driveway- he kept sliding. I was so happy to see him!
The power blipped at 9, but went out again. At a little after 10 pm it came back on and stayed on. Yay! How incredibly boring it was without power, in addition to being cold! I could sit at the table and read by battery lantern, but no sewing, no TV, no computer! Boring, boring, boring!
The snow finally stopped late last night. This morning the sky is blue, and the snow is blindingly white. Ralph used the snowblower to make the driveway passable, then headed out to do the Moms driveways. Looking out the window during the night, it was amazing how light it was with the snow reflecting the moonlight.
You can sort of see the road out there!
The view from the bathroom window looking to the woods.
Looking out the dining room window.
From the kitchen window, you can get an idea of the depth of the snow. It's over 2 feet- we had over a foot left from the last snow, and we got about 18 inches this time.
Looking out the slider towards the back. The TV said we've had 71 inches of snow this winter, beating all existing records for the Philly area. Yeah, that's a record we wanted to beat. Every school is closed today, and I doubt any will be in session tomorrow. Too dangerous for the kids to be on the streets.
There really is a deck under the snow. The railing is 36 inches high.

And so it goes! North Carolina is looking really good!


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