Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day #7

Seven snow days! We haven't had seven snow days in the last several years put together! It finally stopped, after two full days of snow. I have to watch the news for the totals, because it was blowing all over the place. This snow was a light and fluffy one, so I could keep a path for the dogs with a big broom.

Ralph woke up at 0400 with muscle spasms in his back. He could barely get out of bed. Advil, tylenol and res later, it still hurts. He's probably going to have to call out sick from work, something he rarely does. But no way can he be slinging stretchers around- he'll end up as a patient!

The dogs had a good night, once it was settled who sleeps where. Toast has her spot at the head of the bed between our pillows. Miss Millie sleeps on the outside, next to Ralph. Whiskey gets cold, so he was mostly under the covers. When Ralph got up with the muscle spasm, the dogs decided they had to go out. It was a quick trip. Then at 0515 I got the school cancellation call, so we were up for a little while.

So we're having a lazy day. Naps, chewing up toys, chewsticks- it's all good!

And the beat goes on!

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